Monday, March 09, 2009

The Orwellian Presidential Bully Pulpit

David Limbaugh exposes the hypocrisy of the Obama Administration. BHO says he is going to separate the politics out of the science to allow progress to proceed quickly. In essence President Obama is saying the Conservatives that stand for Biblical Morality are science-lite.

As if Leftist amoral politics does not play a roll in science. Can you say various stages of baby killing known as abortion? David Limbaugh focuses on so-called Global Warming as if it is a scientific fact. The fact is Global Warming is a scientific guess. There is just as much credible scientific data to point out there is no such as Global Warming. That credible scientific data indicates that the Leftist politically infused science of Global Warming is actually a part of the Earth’s natural cycle of cooling and warming.

Obama’s accusation of science-lite injecting morality into stem cell research is to be overcome with science minus politics. The reality is that Barack Hussein Obama is injecting Leftist Secular Humanism into science to invalidate Christian morality.

David Limbaugh is much more erudite than I.
Read what he says about this Obama science initiative.

JRH 3/9/09

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