Friday, March 06, 2009

Islamic groups attack law enforcement

The duplicity of victimhood is getting way out of hand by so-called Muslim-Rights organizations in America.

The FBI arrests a brother-in-law of a Barack Hussein Obama body guard on terrorist related charges and the entire (terrorist connected) American-Muslim groups fail to denounce the issues related to terrorism. Rather the American Muslim groups castigate the FBI for planting a paid informant in a Mosque.

Wake-up Americans to the Mohammedan Agenda for America: as in Europe, American Mohammedans will begin to demand (did you read me? I SAID DEMAND) separate laws to accommodate the Mohammedan religion above the law of the land. (The added rant was free :-))

Here is the information as related in an ACT! For America Email.

JRH 3/6/09

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