Friday, March 13, 2009

Continued Attack on Christianity

The “Matthew Shepard Local Law Enforcement Prevention Act” of 2007 was designed to prevent hate crimes against homosexuals. The reality of the Act would have infringed on First Amendment Free Speech rights by making it a crime to communicate Biblical Morality. The reason being Biblical Morality denounces homosexuality; ergo it would be a hate crime.

The Act sailed through the House and the Senate. The Senate made the fortunate mistake of attaching its version to an omnibus DoD spending Bill. A veto threat by G.W. caused the Act attachment to be withdrawn from the DoD Bill effectively killing the infringement of Free Speech Act in late 2007.

Of course I was very much against this Bill in the first place. You can one of the most comprehensive posts for rejecting this Act

You can guess that homosexual rights/agenda organizations went medievally gay because this tool to silence Christians became unavailable to them.

Here we are now and it is 2009. Now there is Bill with the appellation of
David Ray Hate Crimes Prevention Act (H.R. 256). This so-called ‘Hate Crime’ legislation expands beyond enabling homosexuality as a government protected debauchery. This Bill if passed will affect Free Speech concerning opinions also dealing with illegal immigration issues and religion (meaning if a Christian Biblically tells or writes his opinion in the negative of another religion – it would be a hate crime). If passed written and/or verbal opinions publicly aired concerning illegal immigrants, religions and homosexual (let’s include transgender issues as well) could get one thrown in the slammer. Considering the money behind the homosexual agenda and Wahhabist Muslim agenda in America, you can count on Christianity to be a target.

Incredulously pro-Christian Ministries, Churches and organization that promote Biblical morality have become the target of those that would support David Ray Hate Crimes Act.

One of those organizations is called the
Southern Poverty Law Center. One of the goals of the SPLC is to label Hate Groups. It is shocking that many organizations that stand for walking the Word of God of Christ Jesus a placed in a ‘Hate Group’ category.

The SPLC and the likes of the Hate Crimes legislation being forced on America are similar to the filtered Freedom of Speech
in Europe and Canada.

One Christian organization has an awesome article defending their Christian beliefs (and by association then other such organizations) in the face of the SPLC including them as a hate organization. Read what the
Christian Anti-Defamation Commission (CADC) has to say about being labeled a hate group as well as the pending Hate Crimes legislation.

JRH 3/13/09

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