Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Anti-Military Scott Murphy Feeling the Heat!

Now that Barack Hussein Obama is President of the United States of America the MSM coverage of their darling anti-military Lefties has not been prominent. I am guessing because there is no President Bush to vilify.

Move America Forward and Move America Forward Freedom PAC are still doing there due diligence in portraying the military that is fighting in Iraq as patriots. That means politicians seeking political Office are in the line of exposés.

I have been receiving emails pertaining to a special election for House of Representatives in 20th District New York in which Scott Murphy is running an anti-military campaign to win the seat.

MAF Freedom PAC is endorsing Conservative
Jim Tedisco for the 20th District race in New York.

Here is a MAF Freedom PAC update (with the usual asking for donations) focusing on defeating Murphy.

JRH 3/10/09

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