Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Understanding the Name Martel Sobieskey

I just read an awesome essay by a fellah that calls himself Martel Sobieskey. The name must be a pseudonym or his parents had a good understanding of Muslim aggression against Christianity.

The Frankish leader Charles Martel
decisively defeated Abd-ur-Rahman (aka Abdur Rahman, Abdur-Rahman and other variations) the Muslim (Mohammedan or Saracen) leader in a place in present day France between Tours and Poitiers on October 10, 732 AD.

Charles Martel’s victory abruptly stopped Islamic ravaging of Christian lands from the Middle East through North Africa up to present day Spain.

The “Sobieskey” part of Martel Sobieskey’s name no doubt is from the hero Jan (John) III Sobieski. In late
1683 Sobieski’s smaller force won the day against the brutal Muslim Ottoman Turks who had been ravaging Christian Eastern Europe. Sobieski was not only hailed as the hero of defending Vienna but as a savior of Christendom in all of Europe from Islamic invasions and raiding parties.

Understanding the historical significance of Martel Sobieskey’s enables one to comprehend his theme in the essay “
Demoting Islam’s Religion Status.”

The theme is Islam is NOT a religion in the Western sense of religion. At any rate Islam is NOT a religion of peace, rather Muslim writings obviously convey the image of a religion of war. The mindset of Islam is to transform the globe to Islamic The-political ideology by force or by stealth from within.

Martel Sobieskey expounds a recurring thought by anti-jihadis; i.e. that Moderate Islam is a myth. The reasoning behind calling Moderate Islam a myth is the Muslim writings beginning with the Quran. The Quran is considered infallible by Muslims of strict adherence, moderate adherence and even secular minded Muslims. Thus a true Muslim follows the words of Allah delivered by its prophet Mohammed and the observations of Mohammed’s life by his companions. Whether it is Allah or Mo’s buddies, the picture is that of violence to anyone perceived insulting Islam, its prophet or it Allah. This is not a pretty picture.

I personally lean toward a mixture of disbelief of a Moderate Islam and a reformed Islam. I believe Islam can discover a miracle and join the beliefs of modern global religions, which is a better afterlife through faith or the discovery of Nirvana or Moksha or whatever individual religious experience that releases a person from world thinking which is suffering.

Right now Islam only has a peaceful release for devout Muslims and Jihadist Martyrs of whom many look forward toward carnal pleasures disdained by most religions.

The website
Muslims Against Shariah (Their Blog) proclaims itself to be a reform movement. This obviously an extreme minority of Muslims who may be put to death as Apostates if they lived in Muslim dominated societies.

JRH 3/24/09

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