Monday, March 16, 2009

Ali Sina: Why Diss Islam?

I am not the most respectful person when it comes to intolerant Mohammedanism. I can see how my anti-jihad stand could offend everyday Muslims that are just living their lives awaiting whatever expectation a Muslim (devout or marginal) is waiting for.

On the other hand I really try not to seek out and personally attack Muslim individuals for their beliefs. I try to stick to the facts as best as I know them from the religious documents considered holy by Muslims and by those who have an academic understanding of said documents who are definitely NOT pro-Mohammedan.

Then there is Ali Sina of
Faith Freedom International (FFI). I like Ali Sina however this guy makes no bones about going to the heart of the matter which he has to know will rile up Mohammedans into a state of frenzy. I might point out that Ali Sina probably would be very critical of me for I am a devout Christian Right kind of guy. That means other Christians, atheists and most likely Mohammedans in particular would find uncomplimentary things to say about my beliefs.

Now I cannot state with any certainty but I get the impression that Ali Sina rejects all forms of religion that might crimp the Secular Humanist view of civil rights. I also know that Ali Sina is an ex-Muslim hence he has reserved much of his venom for exposing Mohammedanism and its founder to harsh critical conclusions (which I happen to agree with).

To see what I am writing about you need to read FFI post Ali Sina entitled “
Why Diss Islam?

JRH 3/16/09

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