Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Real Mohammed

On one of my community blogs I posted a link to JudgeRight writing about Legalized Pedophilia in Islam. A commenter on my blog that linked to JudgeRight’s exposé of Islamic pedophilia responded with this:

“This is Mohammad.. Click here

Now the “Click here” link is a short video about praising Mohammed from Leftists, Theosophists and the prince of religious tolerance - Gandhi.

The "Mohammed" endorsement is from people who are generally anti-Christian, anti-Semitic and anti-Western values (Shaw); New Agers that pick bits and pieces of favored religions with an emphasis on Eastern Mysticism (Besant); and of course Gandhi who has nice things to say about Jesus Christ and even alluded that he would be a Christian if it were not for the example of those that don't practice the Christianity of their Bible. Gosh if Gandhi was cognizant of the atrocities of Mohammed, there would be little praise from him. Of course the quote you used was from a "young" Gandhi.

Here is a better truth about Mohammed. (Hurry, catch the link while you can. YouTube is in the dhimmitude tank and will probably remove the truth about Mohammed!)

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