Monday, October 13, 2008

There is Good Character in Leadership

Barack Hussein Obama supporters and BHO himself have pooh-poohed how past ideological associations build a person’s character in the present. The spin machine on BHO’s associations (regardless of casual, mentor, friend and admiration) is convoluted enough to suggest to desperate American voters that the past is irrelevant to the Leftist clarion call for “change.”

The Leftist spin machine has been so effective that way too many voters are blinded to the kind of change Barack Hussein Obama would bring to America.

I assure you the “change” BHO intends will do little to nothing to change the politics as usual that emanates from Washington, DC. Indeed the Democratic Party will use politics as usual to force a complete socialistic (if not down right Marxist) and secular humanist utopia down the minds of Americans whether it is wanted or not. The Left will ensure the road to that illusory utopia is mandated by a Leftist Federal Judiciary.

This means the government will begin to control a collective of citizens who lose their individuality to mandated government programs managing personal lives.

This means that Biblical Christianity (the Leftist belief that Christians are ignorant guns and Bibles Americans) could very well become a felony offense. That rule of law difficulty for Christians would occur when Biblical Christians preach that homosexuality and other deviant behaviors are a sin. The Leftist Utopia would condemn this as felonious hate speech as opposed to Biblical Truth.

The character of the political ruling elite would become even more irrelevant when adultery or anti-American hatorade becomes a norm rather than an exception (“I did not have sex with that woman.”)

The road to the Leftist utopia would eliminate or revise American history that demonstrated that a Christian character was the foundation espoused by the Founding Fathers. Some of America’s early leaders received a lot of public retribution for even the perception of scandalous morals that today would be a norm of life.

Church and Morals: In Accordance with the Law – Ben Franklin, Jefferson, Hamilton, John Adams, Andrew Jackson and much more.

Mark Alexander examines the attitudes of the Founding Fathers of the imperative toward character as a requirement for leadership.

Everyone should read this excerpt from Alexander’s Patriot Post. Even the Founding Father’s tainted by scandal most assuredly believed the moral foundation of Christianity is a basis for character.

JRH 10/13/08

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