Monday, October 06, 2008

Sick’em Saracuda!

Have you noticed that the McCain campaign has finally decided to expose the character flaws of Barack Hussein Obama?

I say it is about time; however anti-McCainites and pundits enmeshed in political correctness are condemning the expose as a tactic to get American’s minds off the economy and/or a heinous racist ploy to appeal to the prejudice or to incite prejudice against Afro-American Obama.

The tactic on the first count probably has some truth in it but not the truth Leftist Democrats and BHO would have you believe. There is a lot of bipartisan blame to go around on the current economic crisis in America. The Democrats are just as culpable if not more so as the Republicans. After all
it was Democrats (whether in minority or majority) that blocked Republican attempts to reform the lending practices of Freddy and Fannie. Congressmen Barney Frank and Senator Chris Dodd were whole hearted supporters of making sure bad loans were provided to people who did not have the means to keep the payments up. Man you should watch Bill O’Reilly try to pin down Barney Frank as a lying Leftist Democrat on this issue. In true Leftist form Frank used the spin of lying to try to place blame of Republicans while simultaneously saying he led squeaky clean legislation to reform Freddy and Fannie. Even confronted with Frank’s own words the Congressman still tried to spin the illusionist lie.

So is the McCain campaign wrong for focusing on Obama’s character rather than the Democratic Party screw-up of the economy? Absolutely not! It is Leftist lying that contributed to the banking crisis of 2008 and Barack Hussein Obama may be a typical flawed lying Democrat. Character matters in leadership.

Have you noticed that every time an Afro-American of the Leftist persuasion comes under scrutiny for his or her beliefs that the wall of racist accusation built against the critic? That is exactly what the Obama campaign is doing to attempt to shut up Sarah Palin and potential character examination of Obama by the McCain camp.

I pray that Palin’s public speeches that entreat voters to examine Obama’s character are just the first of the one-two punch of the McCain Campaign. Let’s hope McCain has the cajones to do the same on Tuesday’s Presidential Debate. Let’s pray McCain is skilled enough to counter Obama schmoozing that past association and that long term mentoring and that long term admiration of Marxists and Black Supremacism is handled effectively. I say that because Barack Hussein Obama with the aid of the Mainstream Media has effectively to date pooh-poohed all those Obama character deficiencies as irrelevant. Dear God in Heaven! A quarter century of engulfment with that kind of rhetoric cannot be dismissed with an “I was eight” with this one guy and “I never heard” such things with others. That is a lame voter that falls for that!

Now late last night
I cross posted a defense of Sarah Palin’s Obama attacks from the Ace of Spades HQ. In that post there was an excerpt from the Tammy Bruce blog that pertained to the dubious nature of BHO’s past. I did not read much past the excerpt last night but I did this morning.

Whew! The post is awesome for it posits the wonder in one’s mind how Barack Hussein Obama has escaped scrutiny with a near complete blackout by the Mainstream Media.
Do yourself a favor and read it. It could be the McCain Campaign talking points of who BHO really is.

JRH 10/6/08

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