Thursday, October 23, 2008

Michelle Obama Tapes

African Press International (API) claims they have an audio recording of Michelle Obama intimidating the Norway based wire service for using Jerome Corsi as an anti-Obama source. WorldNetDaily (WND) has been following the API accusation concerning Michelle Obama; however API has not been forthcoming in releasing this tape. Thus WND is beginning to question that such an audio recording exists. WND implies even if there is a recording, the time frame in which API is dragging its feet suggests a tampered tape is being fabricated to embarrass BHO.

If it is a hoax being fabricated by API, it is too bad. It was be great to smear some muck from BHO’s wife on the BHO Campaign. It is too bad because
the BHO campaign and surrogates have had NO compunction in making up lies and twisting facts about Governor Sarah Palin. (Even the Brits recognize there is a Leftist campaign to smear Governor Palin.)

JRH 10/23/08

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