Friday, October 17, 2008

Michelle Obama Recorded Intimidating API?

The African Press International (API) alleges that Michelle Obama phoned them to complain they were using a racist source in their coverage of the American election campaign for President. That accused racist is Jerome Corsi who wrote a controversial exposé on Barack Hussein Obama.

The API says it recorded the Michelle Obama conversation. Evidently the contents of the recording are hot because the Obama Campaign denies it ever took place. The API says it is reluctant to release the recording to the public until their legal team examines any potential legal blow back on API.

Unless the API releases the recording it is all valueless speculation of she said/he said.
WorldNetDaily believes if the recording is released, it would be a game ender for the Obama Campaign. Personally I don’t know about that. The Messianic proportions that Barack Hussein Obama has acquired among his supporters will undoubtedly make the revealing of truth as irrelevant. Yet the few Independents not affected by BHO’s political Messianism may switch to McCain. The question would be: Is that enough to sway the election to McCain’s favor.

At any rate: no recording means there is no controversy for Barack and Michelle Obama.

JRH 10/17/08

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