Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Failure to Examine Character

Last night’s Presidential debate effectively demonstrated differences between Barack Hussein Obama and John McCain on taxes, entitlement social programs and foreign policy. Thing is both BHO and McCain showed a great grasp of their positions. This only plays to voters who have made up their minds. Indeed the debate was sanitized that I am concerned that uncertain voters began to lean toward BHO merely because these particular rehashed policy stands favors the candidate who claims he stands for change in Washington DC.

Questions were not asked of either candidate that would establish the kind of person each candidate is.
The “Keating Five” withstanding, a character examination would definitely favor McCain.

If McCain effectively responded with the same transparency he provided when the Keating Five scandal tried to stick to him in the 80’s, then BHO would be left to respond to a plethora of
character deficiencies. Hmm … what kind of dye would be cast with an easily answered Keating Five scandal or a plethora stand-offish shaded answers that smack of lying?

If the GOP and the McCain campaign can just catch this and develop an effective counter to the Keating Five, Barack Hussein Obama’s character WILL be exposed as wholly deficient to be a leader of the United States of America.

As Frank J. Gaffney says,
Characters count.

JRH 10/8/08

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