Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Damning Obama/Khalidi Tape?

I am confidant that many readers are already enlightened of how the L.A. Times is being a typical Mainstream Media (MSM) supporter of Barack Hussein Obama by elaborating on a story they released (probably regrettably now) in which BHO is schmoozing with Terrorists (domestic and Palestinian) which included anti-Semitic and anti-Israel words.

I first heard about it on Fox News this morning on the Fox and Friends broadcast. The topic of discussion concerned the thought that the L.A. Times was so pro-Obama that they would not release a video of the party in which BHO notably praised Rashid Khalidi.

Since many that read this blog are fully aware that I am not exactly a friend the theo-political aspects of the religion of Mohammedanism (Islam to its adherents and PC academics), you are probably thinking “There he goes again.”

I am certain the PC crowd can appreciate that Yasser Arafat was a heinous murdering Palestinian-Arab terrorist who did more to exploit his fellow Arabs than to aid them. Check it out! Rashid Khalidi was a former mouthpiece for Yasser Arafat. That means he mouthed the Islamofascist dream of destroying Israel and the Mohammedan version of the “Final Solution.”

That means Barack Hussein Obama went to a party to praise Khalidi – a man that wishes the death and destruction Israel and the anti-Semitic Mohammedan perception that Jews were transformed into monkeys and swine.

The American voting public has a right to know just how much of a liar Barack Hussein Obama is. The Times has said it cannot release the video because of a promise to the confidential source that delivered the tape.

Since it is obvious that the MSM is pro-Obama no matter the cost it should give voters pause to ponder:

    1. Did the Times really make a promise to a confidential source?

    2. If the Times made such a promise about withholding the video from public scrutiny, for the sake of balanced news coverage (as opposed to news coverage meant to influence) why has the Times NOT provided a transcript of the video?

    3. Is the Times so pro-Obama that the rag WILL NOT write about the specific content without releasing the video or a transcript? Writing editorially about the content would not breach the confidentiality of the source.

The McCain camp should do the very thing the MSM is reluctant to do. Daily bring attention to voters that the L.A. Times is hiding information that might be damaging to Barack Hussein Obama. I mean the MSM had no problem in trying to find dirt or creating dirt that was not there on Governor Palin. It is time for Conservatives to take upon the job of investigative reporting that the MSM is TOTALLY unwilling to do concerning BHO.

You need to read the eloquent thoughts on the L.A. Times from Andrew C. McCarthy.

JRH 10/29/08

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