Friday, October 03, 2008

Caretaker Prime Minister Sells Out Israel

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert resigned in September as the result of increasing evidence of corruption. His Kadima Party successor barely won its primary to replacement. Tzipi Livni was the hand picked choice of Olmert however she only won the Kadima Party position by a slim 1%.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has been openly negotiating with the Islamic terrorists that are the love children of Western Leftists and deluded Western politicians that believe the creation of a sovereign Arab-Palestinian State will solve over a half a century of Islamic nations animus toward the existence of Israel. Those negotiations include the rogue terrorist State Syria over the Golan Heights.

I rejoiced when I read that Olmert had resigned; however it has been slow to sink in that a Parliamentarian resignation is not the same as a resignation in America’s federal republic. Indeed
Olmert remains as Prime Minister until Livni gets all her ducks in a row to form a majority Party coalition from the Knesset. If Livni fails to form a coalition then national elections will be held; however that could be as late as January 2010.

So check it out: Ehud Olmert has resigned as Prime Minister has the potential to remain the Prime Minister through 2010! This is significant because Olmert is committed to selling out Judaism by giving away the eastern half of Jerusalem (the city of David) where the Temple Mount is located, the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) plus some of Israel’s internationally recognized land under the delusion that the giving up of land will bring peace and security to the Land of Israel.

The tragedy is that if elections were held in Israel today Kadima is predicted to lose its majority Party status to Likud headed by Benjamin Netanyahu. The Labor Party is currently the number two Party and coalition member with Kadima. Labor is headed by Ehud Barak who has toyed with the idea of hooking up with Likud.
Many expect Barak to backtrack on that idea for it would force elections which probably would demote Labor to number three leaving Likud and Kadima as number one and number two respectively. In Parliamentary talk that means Barak could be a big loser if he leaves the Kadima coalition.

Here is the thing: Unless a huge political monkey wrench is thrown into Olmert’s political designs to sell out his heritage, he will create an Israel that is in a position of security weakness of the 1949 borders when Arab Muslim nations felt comfortable doing an invasion or two.

This is where I turn you to the insights of Caroline Glick.

In a Rosh Hashanah interview with Yediot Ahronot, Olmert admitted for the first time that he is negotiating deals with Syria and the Fatah-led faction of the Palestinian Authority committing Israel to withdraw from the Golan Heights, from dozens of neighborhoods in Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, as well as all or nearly all of Judea and Samaria.

That should be enough to get your attention on how a caretaker Prime Minister can sell out his nation. SO READ MORE!

JRH 10/3/08

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