Monday, October 27, 2008

Hallelujah! Jerusalem May yet Remain ONE

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is still on the Eternal Throne. Israel’s Shas Party has refused to join Tzipi Livni (protégé of corrupt out going Prime Minister Ehud Olmert) in forming a Kadima led government.

What was the reason?
Shas wanted a united Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty while Olmert and Livni are under the delusion that dividing Jerusalem will bring peace to Israel. Jerusalem is the heritage of Judaism not Mohammedanism. Mohammedan conquerors consolidated their control of Jerusalem in the mid-600’s A.D. and purposefully built two Mosques on the Temple Mount (by the way both of which were built AFTER Mohammed’s death). Jerusalem has been a political ploy only significant to Mohammedans when their attention benefits Mohammedanism.

Livni has given up on finding another political partner and has notified Israel’s President Peres
she cannot form a government and thus elections will be required.

According to Israeli polls, Binyamin Netanyahu of Likud will handily be the majority Party after the next Israeli election.

Due to the Parliamentary system in Israel Ehud Olmert is still actually the Prime Minister until elections can sort out a Party coalition probably under Likud’s leadership rather Olmert/Livni’s Kadima leadership. Christian Zionists (and I do mean that endearingly) and religious Jews can only pray that the Knesset can prevent the deluded Olmert (under the direction of the Bush Administration) from
splitting Jerusalem between Israel and Israel’s mortal enemy – Arabs that call themselves Palestinians (Mohammedans).

JRH 10/27/08

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