Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Is Crooked Liar Murtha on the Ropes? Should Be!

Rep Jack Murtha (D. PA) has been lauded as a respectable and knowledgeable Congressman pertaining to military affairs in Congress. Murtha has even touted a war hero record that included Purple Hurts indicating he was wounded while serving America in Vietnam.

The thing is though that Murtha has come out STRONG against the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) in Iraq. This astounding stand that HAS BEEN (emphasis on “has been”) touted by what many believed to be a Democratic Party friend of the Military started many a conservative to look into Murtha’s public credentials.

As the self-proclaimed war hero in the Senate (
John Kerry), apparently there is also some murky lack of transparency of Murtha’s war record in Vietnam. Typically the Left has stood by their man Murtha as they did Kerry by calling the questioning of Murtha’s record as Conservative Swift Boating. As if the Swift Boat vets were discredited. They were NOT. Ironically FactCheck.org comes out on the side of validating Kerry’s version of his medals; however FactCheck.org fails to use substantiated materials. In stead FactCheck.org utilizes eyewitness accounts favorable toward Kerry while the Swift Boat Vets utilize eyewitness accounts unfavorable to Kerry. The Kerry paper trail is enigmatically dubious, yet Kerry’s post war antics of the anti-American anti-war Left of the Sixties and Seventies (Hmm … Wasn’t Bill Ayers in that crowd as well?).

So what’s my point?

Murtha’s record is as mysterious and dubious as Kerry’s record was.

Here is another mystery for the Murtha proclaimed “racists” and “rednecks” of his district should consider on Election Day: Jack Murtha was involved in one the worst Congressional scandals of American history –
ABSCAM. I am not even going to mention Murtha’s cut-n-run opinion about the GWOT being fought in Iraq; however Murtha has come out as a political scum in denigrating the very Marine Corps he served in by reckless announcing to the press that a group of Marines slaughtered a number of Iraqi civilians at Haditha. The Murtha accusation became dubbed by the Leftist MSM as the Haditha Massacre. It should have been labeled the Haditha Incident, because every Marine has been exonerated except one who still faces his day in Military Court.

Rep. Jack Murtha does not deserve the incumbent shoe-in. Murtha deserves to loose to his challenger William Russell.

The Pennsylvania Murtha/Russell campaign is heating up as the polls indicate that voters are finally becoming enlightened to the kind of anti-American, anti-Military, cut-n-run crook that Murtha is.

Here are some details from an email promotional from
Move America Forward Freedom PAC looking for dough to aid William Russell in the tightening race: GO TO THE END OF THIS POST AT SlantRight.com TO READ THE MAFFPAC EMAIL.

JRH 10/28/08

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