Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Brzezinski Turning Obama Into Another Carter

I find it incredulous that the various polls in America are showing that American voters are acquiescing to vote for Barack Hussein Obama.

One of BHO’s primary foreign policy advisors is Jimmy dhimmi Carter’s former Secretary of State Zbigniew Brzezinski.

No doubt the influential
advice of Brzezinski led to Carter’s decision to throw America’s ally Shah Reza Pahlavi of Iran under the bus believing Khomeini’s revolution was a move of the people for the people. The reality was that tossing the Shah replaced pro-Western (yet repressive) for the totalitarian medieval Sharia Law regime of Ayatollah Khomeini.

As Carter sold out the Shah and providing the foundation for the founding rogue terrorist supporting Iran, so
Brzezinski will influence Barack Hussein Obama to offer Islamism in the Middle East everything including the kitchen sink under the delusion such conciliatory appeasement will bring global peace. Peace did not happen for Carter in Iran and neither will it happen for BHO in Iran.

Here are renowned Islamist expert
Andrew Bostom’s take on Brzezinski:

The Ayatollah’s Z(B)ig Dhimmi, Obama, and Iran

The uniquely perceptive Professor
Barry Rubin has published a serendipitous column on the same day when Obama’s erstwhile “adviser”—the maroonish Antisemite Zbigniew Brzezinski—suggested that the US negotiate with the Taliban. Daniel Casse attempted to penetrate Obama’s hubris (while they briefly interacted at the Asheville, North Carolina Grove Park Inn workout room) with this plea today, “Don’t listen to Brzezinski, he’s awful,” …He’s on TV talking about making deals with the Taliban.”

Given the destructive legacy of Brzezinski’s distressingly stupid courtship of Khomeini’s retrograde “revolution”—in reality a restoration of the kind of Shi’ite theocracy that ruled Iran almost continuously from Shah Ismail in 1502, until 1925—let us pray that Obama (should he be elected)—heeds
Casse’s warning. Barry Rubin provides Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ response on September 29, 2008 to a query about how the next president might improve relations with Iran, while giving a lecture at the National Defense University:

    “I [Gates] have been involved in the search for the elusive Iranian moderate for 30 years.” Then Gates revealed what was actually said at Brzezinski’s meeting, in which he participated, summarizing Brzezinski’s position as follows: “We will accept your revolution….We will recognize your government. We will sell you all the weapons that we had contracted to sell the Shah….We can work together in the future.”

Read the entire essay, “Giving Until It Hurts

JRH 10/8/08

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