Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Left is Way more Consumed with Hate than the Right

The Leftist pro-BHO Mainstream Media (MSM) has had a field day when a handful of angry pro-right questioners demonstrated their repugnance for Barack Hussein Obama. If you were so unfortunate to view some of these questioners at John McCain rallies you will notice the anger was presented in such a way that there was no appearance of flipping out. In other words it was a “be angry and sin not” type of angry more than the crazed dementia the MSM would have their readers believe.

Certainly the questioning comments were out of order for a public forum. For example I saw one
angry gal say that Barack Hussein Obama was not an African-American but an Arab. The lady was immediately dubbed a Right Wing racist hater.

The odd thing is
there may be some truth to her statement even though it was presented in a racist light. And frankly whether BHO is an African-American or an Arab-American is truly irrelevant. What should be relevant to Americans is BHO’s Leftist and anti-Christian moral stands he has taken. Americans should be concerned with BHO’s past associations in that he has gone out of his way to lie or cover-up the truth about those past associations. That makes BHO a liar. A liar is a person YOU should not trust.

I find it fascinating the MSM reports on out of place restrained anger as I have mentioned above but has not reported on the hysterical rabid anger of Leftists toward the Right complete with the middle finger and ghoulish profanity spilling forth from Leftist tongues about President Bush, McCain/Palin and the Right in general. I mean it makes the lady calling BHO an Arab look like a saint.

The blogger JudgeBob has been following this MSM and Leftist hypocrisy. JudgeBob has a number of videos to prove his point the MSM and the Left are a bunch of thugs more interested in squelching the free speech opinion of their opposition than acting like mature Americans that can make their position felt in a less polarizing (which BHO says he stands for) like voting or writing a reasoned letter to an MSM editor.

JRH 10/16/08

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