Thursday, October 09, 2008

Modern Solution for Ancient Lands

Leslie J. Sacks writes an essay that suggests a special canal from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea will create an energy phenomenon (which includes nuclear energy) that will build a bridge of peace between Arab Muslims (Syria, Jordan and the Arab created Palestine refugees) and Israel. Sacks believes a shared goal of cheap energy and the creation of fresh water (among other things) will be a boon in energy-economy and agricultural economy (i.e. irrigation).

I do not know if I agree with Sacks. I believe that Middle Eastern Muslims have had anti-Jewish propaganda inscribed into their thought processes for so long, that any such project will be exploited in some way in an anti-Israeli design. For example if a nuclear plant were to arise as Sacks suggests, then there is the potential for one of the anti-Israeli existence Muslim-Arab peoples will develop nuclear weapons at worst or commit an act of terrorist at least. In either case the scenario is a nuclear explosion or radiation contamination that would render such a project as fruitless.

I will let our readers decide.

JRH 10/9/08

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