Tuesday, October 07, 2008

McCain is One of the Keating Five

Sarah Palin takes advantage of the NY Times story connecting Bill (the bomber) Ayers and Barack Hussein Obama.

BHO digs up some cherry picked news clips on a scandal John McCain was involved in yet was totally exonerated. BHO even a 15 minute Internet video created high lighting Leftist half-truths. Remember that Leftists lie.

Here are
some character considerations of Barack Hussein Obama:

    · Bill (the bomber) Ayers

    · Jeremiah (
    the racist Black Supremacist Pastor God Damn America) Wright

    · Louis (
    anti-American, anti-Semite, racist, Black Supremacist Nation Islam) Farrakhan

    Forged Birth Certificate (Even Conservatives think this might be a myth)

    · Tony (
    the criminal lobbyist, slum lord, political fixer, Obama house) Rezko

    · ACORN (the Leftist register unqualified voters – the
    deadObama legal consultant organization)

If I dig some digging I undoubtedly will find more dubious ties that shape BHO’s character.

Now let’s see: the biggest political scandal on John McCain is the Keating Five. The
Keating Five were four DEMOCRATS and Republican John McCain.

Here’s the deal about John McCain’s involvement with the Keating Five. He was totally exonerated by the prosecution and WAS NOT censured by the Senate. The only harsh action by the Senate ethics committee was that McCain used “bad judgment.”

Now how does that compare to the mysterious secrets that Barack Hussein Obama is associated with? There is NO COMPARE there!

If BHO believes that John McCain’s association with the Keating Five is reprehensible, why does BHO use former
Senator John Glen (D-OH) as a political surrogate? Glen received the exact same exoneration as John McCain including the slap on the wrist from the Senate as using “poor judgment.”

Dear God in heaven! Not only was
John McCain exonerated but afterwards was completely transparent to the Mainstream Media with the press interrogation. One definitely cannot say that about Obama’s critics. When criticism is leveled against Obama he and his surrogates whine that past associations are irrelevant, cry racism or imply that character is not as important as issues. Of course character was irrelevant concerning Mr. “I did not have sex with that woman” to the Mainstream Media and a deceived past electorate as well.



Anonymous said...

The sad part is Obama is a DemocRat. So he will get a pass.

Theway2k said...

Certainly the Mainstream Media is giving Barack Hussein Obama a pass.

Between now and November 4 Conservative pundits should hammer on Obama's dubious past and scrutinize lame Obama answers that the MSM and Dummicrats accept at face value.