Sunday, November 02, 2008

Islamic Terrorists Favor Obama Victory on Nov. 4

Do you remember 9/11? Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats have been trying real hard to make YOU the American forget 9/11.

You see thing is Osama bin Laden may be the only Islamic terrorist to attack American soil BUT his
al Qaeda is not the only Islamic terrorist organization to attack American citizens, American military assets and American diplomatic assets.

The Dems have forgotten that most of them agreed with this portion of a speech given by President Bush on September 15, 2008:

“Those who make war against the United States have chosen their own destruction. Victory against terrorism will not take place in a single battle, but in a series of decisive actions against terrorist organizations and those who harbor and support them.”

The Dems have been trying to sell voters that Afghanistan and chasing bin Laden is the only thing America should be acting against global terrorism. The thing that Bush understood in 2001 (yet even his memory slowly faded) is that al Qaeda is not the only Islamofascist organization intent on harming America. In addition multiple Middle Eastern nations (including the Palestine Authority) harbor(ed) Islamic terrorists.

When the Dems (and some Republicans) realized that going after terrorists wherever harbored could mean not only the perpetrator of 9/11 in the hinterland of Afghanistan and Pakistan. It would mean oil rich Iraq, Libya, Iran and politically sensitive Syria, Lebanon and the Palestine Authority. This also includes the Mohammedan oil billionaires of Saudi Arabia and the oil rich Emirates of the Saudi Peninsula who have financed Islamic terrorists. Then there are also militarily powerful nations such as Egypt and Pakistan that harbor or tolerate Islamic terrorists and sympathizers.

When these cowards realized that ending Islamic terrorism against America would have a greater international impact with economic friends who are Arab lovers like Western Europe, Russia and China; then pressure was placed on Bush to curtail on the “those who harbor and support.”

When Bush gradually gave in to this pressure the Bush Doctrine began its demise and the handling of the post invasion of Iraq became mishandled.

Not only has the Bush Administration totally abandoned the “those who harbor and support,” but
that Administration has become the primary impetus to deal with Islamic terrorists in the misnamed land known as Palestine to create a sovereign nation of murdering terrorists.

If Barack Hussein Obama wins the November 4th election,
it will please so-called Palestinian Arabs who actually sent money to the Obama campaign and have publicly relished the idea that the Republican are favored to loose to BHO.

What does that mean? It means Republicans still represent a crowd who wants victory while the
Islamic terrorists believe Barack Hussein Obama will weaken America.

It is not just
murdering terrorists attempting to establish a terrorist State known as Palestine, but now the other Islamic terrorists recognize a BHO victory will be a plus for their cause to of Islamicizing dar al-harb.

Walid Phares
writes about how a high level al Qaeda strategists has gone public praying for a Barack Hussein Obama victory while simultaneously praying all kinds vile humiliating violence on the Republican Party.

AGAIN! Which American political party is viewed by Islamic terrorists as a feared enemy?

JRH 11-2-08

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