Saturday, November 08, 2008

Barracuda Does Not Take Guff from Cowards

It is reprehensible that McCain staffers anonymously yet publicly criticized Sarah Palin. Palin is correct. The criticism is an act of cowardice to try to cover the butts of McCain political strategists who totally screwed up a victory that was well in sight by not attacking issues that matter to Americans in values and BHO’s ideology via associations. In stead the McCain strategists played by Barack Hussein Obama rules of only the economy, taxes and healthcare type of issues. The values voters were walked off the plank and dumped into the sea of NO ATTENTION.

Sarah Palin was a representation of the Values Voters and is probably the only reason McCain selected her as a running mate. It was a bone tossed to Conservative values voters just before they were tossed off the plank. Indeed, McCain should have used Palin to appeal to values voters rather let them languish in the water. Rather McCain and/or his strategists chose to play by BHO’s rules. Playing by the enemies rules will usually result in loosing.

Now those same staffers who screwed up the strategy to elect McCain are trying to blame Palin for the loss. The thing that is even worse than the blame is that these staffers are too cowardly to associate their name with their criticism of Palin. Could it be they know that Palin is no pansy and would embarrass them in public openly for their screw-up?

Yes Governor Palin, the anonymous critical McCain staffers are cowards. They are too cowardly to face a defense from a woman.

JRH 11/8/08

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