Sunday, November 09, 2008

Obama: Talk to Hamas if Recognize Israel

The Islamic murdering terrorist organization did not waste any time on taking Barack Hussein Obama at his word of talks without preconditions. On Thursday Gazastan/Hamastan PM Ismail Haniyeh publicly called for talks with BHO. Palestine Authority President Mahmoud Abbas did not object to the idea.

Thank God BHO set a precondition.
Before any talks with Hamas, the Jew haters have to recognize Israel’s right to exist.

On the other hand it is scary that even a recognition of Israel as a precondition to the radical Islamic terror organization.

    · The Islamic practice of Taqiyya with non-Mohammedans

    · The loose coalition of Palestinians
    have never kept an agreement after an Israeli concession

In the practice of diplomacy and agreements it is the Theo-political practice of Mohammedans to lie until they sense a possession of an upper hand to mercilessly dispatch non-Mohammedans.

JRH 11/9/08

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