Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Can Likud Lead Before Olmert Gives Jerusalem Away?

As a Conservative viewing gloom and doom at 8:30 PM CT for the Republican Party, I am enheartened to view an emerging Right electorate in the Land of Israel. The treacherous political party toward Judaism and Eretz Israel – Kadima – is beginning to collapse with prominent Israeli politicians moving toward Netanyahu’s Likud party and even some politicians that had left Likud returning to the traditional slanted right political party.

Now this is excellent because Likud represents NOT giving the Holy City of Christians and Jews – Jerusalem – to Mohammedan Arabs who are intent on calling themselves Palestinians. Likud will satisfy Observant and Zionist Jews as well as the Conservative Christians in America who have been labeled as
Christian Zionists.

Slanted Left Israelis, EU leaders, Slanted Left American leaders and curiously the Bush Administration and many GOP members of Congress believe dividing Jerusalem and returning Israel to a pre-1967 border will bring peace to the Middle East. It is my stand and many Zionists that this kind of give-away will embolden Islamic terrorists and rogue nations to accomplish their dream of exterminating Jews from their Biblical land in the name of Allah.

The only real electoral question for Israel is can a Likud coalition assume the Israeli government before caretaker Prime Minister succeeds in giving away the heart of Israel?

JRH 11/4/08

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