Monday, November 03, 2008

A Vote for BHO is a Vote to Flush Values Down the Toilet

This particular video does not mention Barack Hussein Obama the Democratic Party candidate for President of the United States of America. The Occidental Soapbox video concentrates on “Constitutions are NOT Created Equal (Part 2).

The video compares (roughly) the American Constitution with Constitutions of various nations in the Middle East dominated by Islam/Mohammedanism. The essence that the video portrays is these Middle Eastern Constitutions make Islamic law the supreme guide post for all laws. This means non-Muslim citizens are not afforded the same rights as Muslims and even Muslims are subject to extreme penalties for breaking Islamic law (e.g. converting from Islam to Christianity (or any other religion or atheism is a capital crime leading to a death sentence).

I am not going to call Barack Hussein Obama a Muslim for I truly do not believe he is one. I believe
BHO is a Christian only for politics and even that is an association with what is known as progressive Christianity. “Progressive” the catch word for center/left to outright Marxists who pick and choose matters of Christian faith that agrees with a Secular Humanist ideology and toss out the Christian faith that disagrees with Secular Humanism. Thus “progressive” Christians support homosexual lifestyles, adulterous lifestyles, a socialistic approach for solving the problems of poverty, abortion (infanticide) and anything else that may contradict the values of Biblical Christianity.

This being said BHO has innumerable relationships with
American terrorists, Palestinian terrorists, Marxists and crooks.

That being said BHO has publicly said he supports America’s traditional friendship with Israel; however some of his buddies are (were) overt supporters of the murdering terrorists that call themselves Palestinian Arabs.

That being said BHO’s plan for global peace is to talk to American enemies (i.e. Iran, Syria, North Korea and potentially Stateless Islamic terrorists) without pre-conditions. That is a set-up for a political and perhaps security damning sucker punch.

Dear God in Heaven! Do NOT vote for Barack Hussein Obama on November 4th. If you already have, pray more McCain voters turn out to override your early voting or absentee ballot that was cast in ignorance.

JRH 11/3/08

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