Saturday, November 01, 2008

Fred: Natural Born Citizen

In response to my uncertainty and guessing concerning being a natural born citizen of America, Fred with a U.S. Military email address sent this to me:

From Fred:

I suggest John Houk read either the constitution or possibly the Wikipedia definition of natural born citizen. This should make it more clear to him that BHO is clearly not a natural born citizen, unless BHO's October surprise is that he has been sidestepping this issue just to keep a conspiracy theory going, and magically he will pull out a birth certificate that is not a forgery at the last minute.

There is a slight hint of hostility from Fred concerning my thoughts on how Judge Surrick should have handle a ruling by a law suit from Philip Berg questioning Barack Hussein Obama’s status as a natural born citizen of America. If BHO was ruled to be a Naturalized citizen of America, he would be ineligible to run for the Office of President.

Fred’s hint of anger was because I thought because BHO had a natural born parent, i.e. his mother; I thought he would be eligible.

For clarity’s sake I would love Barack Hussain Obama to be ruled ineligible. I am DEFINITELY NOT in his camp for him to be elected the most Leftist/Marxist President America has ever seen. On the other hand making something up in the law that may not be there is not a fair action. I mean that is the very thing Leftists do with a Slanted Left activist judiciary – make up laws creation ex nihilo.

If indeed BHO can be shown to a Naturalized citizen rather than a Natural Born Citizen without forcing a round law into a square law, then I all for it.

Anyway I took Fred’s advice and look at Wikipedia and a website that interprets constitutional law.

I found the
Wikipedia explanation to be informative yet leaving the reader to draw their conclusions rather than expressly defining a situation that might apply to Barack Hussein Obama.

The website that was the most satisfying was the
U.S. Constitution Online.

The U.S. Constitution Online has a specific essay on

The essay (I think) shows that I could be wrong; however some slick lawyering could easily show that I am correct.

read the essay and tell me what you think.

JRH 11/1/08 (Another Opinion)


Anonymous said...

I agree with you.
Let's not stoop to the level of Liberas.

Anonymous said...

That should be Liberals.OOPS!