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Patrick Comment to: ‘Homosexuals Persecuting Christians and Mormons’

Patrick Comment to: ‘Homosexuals Persecuting Christians and Mormons’
Email Sent: Wed 11/19/2008 11:10 PM

Your statements about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are inaccurate and offensive.

You do not know enough about the Church to make an informed assessment. Your statemenst [sic] that we are not Christian and are a cult is wrong. We agree on the santity [sic] of marriage. We stand together in firm solidarity with anyone who believes that marriage is a sacred covenant between a man and a woman. It is extremely bad taste to mix criticism of the LDS Church into your story about persecution of Christians by homosexuals. I am having trouble with being a fan or your!


Patrick I humbly apologize if you found my insight on the “LDS Church” to be offensive; however it is my opinion that they were not inaccurate.

If you are Mormon I can understand that you believe my statements were inaccurate and offensive for they certainly were not complimentary.; however I am not a Mormon.

I am a Charismatic/Pentecostal involved in the Word of Faith movement with leanings toward the prophetic and Renewal movements. If check out these links it won’t take long to discover I hang with a group of Believers that a huge amount of Christian believers believe are heretical movements.

I am fairly certain the official Mormon theology places the LDS as the one true Church of Jesus Christ and would view the Christian path I have chosen as a walk toward deception. Believe me there would have been a time that I would get my ire up hearing that from a Mormon.

Here is the reality of my situation: Those whom I consider to be Christians do not afford me the same graciousness. Many Mainline Protestant Churches and Roman Catholics would consider me a heretic. Ironically there is many of my Christian journey who considers those Churches to be in error and have the hubris to condemn their theological stance as a path to hell. I am not like that.

My thoughts of a true Christian are actually very simple and are backed up by the Bible (again my perception).

True Christians are those that believe Jesus was crucified and buried in death. After three days in the tomb the Resurrection power of God raised Christ from the dead to life in a physical body. Although the Bible does not specifically say the word trinity, there are plenty of (four) Gospel evidence of God being a unity of three person in one deity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Also the Gospels point out that Jesus as the second person of the unified trinity pre-existed simultaneously with the Father and Holy Spirit before being incarnated as a human with both the natures of God and human (hypostasis) rendering Jesus as simultaneously the Son of Man and the Son of God. It is the union of created humanity melded with the nature of the uncreated God that enables the redemptive of act of the Blood of Christ and the death of Christ expiating the sin nature of all humanity who believes on Christ Jesus. Accepting the redemptive act joins a believing human to the same resurrection life that makes one a new creation in Christ Jesus and joint heirs with the uncreated God via the Resurrection of Christ Jesus and thus the recipients of Salvation. Ergo saved from the dark realm of Satan’s dominion and transferred into the Kingdom of the Father’s dear Son.

The is what Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant denominations are all in unified agreement. All the disputes exist in the realm in which dogma that is the result of human reasoning of Scriptures and Traditions that separate most Christians.

Mormons do not believe in the Triune God, rather it is their belief that the Father created Satan and Jesus who have a relationship as brothers. This lowers Jesus to the position of a Created being when in fact he is Uncreated as is the Father and the Holy Spirit. This is my basis of not placing a great group of people outside of Christianity.

Just to be clear I am not a medieval to 19th century Christian that believes violence should be perpetuated on Mormons for their beliefs. I am a 21st century American Christian that believes an American may practice his faith as he sees fit as long as no obvious laws are broken (e.g. polygamy, child abuse, child marriage, murder, honor killings and so on). As I said those very same violent projections could come my way for many believe my Christian walk is not Christian either.

And I have to reiterate that although I do not consider Mormons to be Christians, I do admire their stand for Judeo/Christian ethics and morals.

Patrick I pray this lessons the offense you feel for my Mormon view. Keep up the fight to keep Judeo/Christian morality going. The alternate lifestyle relativistic morality could very well be the downfall of America as a good nation.

JRH 11/20/08

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