Sunday, November 16, 2008

Radicalize Conservatism

I do not agree with every thing Joseph Farah writes about; however this one thing I do agree with: conservatism needs change. I also agree that Conservatives need to radicalize.

Here is where my vision may differ a little from Farah’s.

Conservatives need to radicalize a Political Party. This would mean taking over the Republican Party or deserting the old GOP to establish a STRONG Political Party in which conservatives can unite to counter Leftist liberalism.

I say “strong” because without strength a Political Party is merely an ideological protest group which has little to zero Political clout to effect or influence change.

Frankly I sense it would be easier to overwhelm the liberal group known as Republicans in Name Only (RINO) rather than convincing voters to get bandy around a Political Party with a vision to be one of the major Parties in America’s typically two-Party system.

Let’s read Farah and see what you and I agree on and disagree on.

JRH 11/16/08

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