Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Homosexuals Persecuting Christians and Mormons

California’s Proposition 8 defined marriage as between a male and a female; ergo Adam and Steve or Eve and Anna cannot engage in holy matrimony. Of course I doubt that Proposition 8 was worded that yet it is true nonetheless.

I am a strong believer in Biblical Morality as opposed to Secular Humanist morality. The former utilizes the Judeo-Christian authority of the Bible as the foundation for morality and the latter uses – well uses moral relativity as a foundation for morality.

Biblical Morality defines right and wrong based on the revealed character of God. Moral relativity defines right and wrong based on human perceptions of acceptability, thus altruistically a large group of humans that have evolved a belief system is right and should be tolerated on an egalitarian level by all humans.

Significant amount of Afro-American Christians, Evangelical Christians, Roman Catholics and followers of Mormonism turned out to tip morality in California closer to the Biblical version rather than the relativist version.

The moral relativist homosexuals erupted in violence in one of the most liberal States in the Union. The reprobate homosexuals flowed into the streets bashing Christians physically.

Most of the homosexual venom was reserved for the adherents of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons). The Mormons did a very efficient ad campaign promoting Proposition 8 ergo the homosexuals reserved special acts of violence and terrorism against Mormon adherents and Mormon property.

Just as a sidebar I am not exactly a fan of Mormonism. Mormons call themselves Christians when in fact they are way off the way of Christ; nonetheless even Mormons recognize the Creator created a male and a female for matrimony. Even though Mormonism is not Christian there is no doubt that old Joseph Smith created his cult from the image of Christianity thus there is an existence of a Judeo-Christian moral foundation in Mormonism.

Just as the voters have spoken when Barack Hussein Obama was elected, so also have Californian voters (and over 20 other States) spoken on the definition of Marriage. Homosexuals thrive on calling those that understand Biblically that homosexuality is a deviant lifestyle as bigots.

Many have written of a clash of civilizations between the West and Islam. The current battle within the borders of America is a clash between Biblical ethics and morality versus the ethics and morality of the relativity of Secular Humanism.

It is time for these groups (and the voters in the middle or indifferent) to take a political stand. Allow the democratic process to settle these issues State by State. Also the Federal and State Judiciary needs to examine if the democratic process is Democratic and NOT legislate and create law from an activist bench.

JudgeRight has an excellent post concerning persecution on traditional Western Values by the deviant alternate lifestyle known as homosexuality.

You will see three YouTube videos that flow along with his post. Be sure to the view them for oft times seeing and hearing is to view the truth.




JRH 11/18/08


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If you are a deviant homosexual that attempts to justify their immoral aberrant behavior by telling yourself that Biblical Morality is a myth you will love "Anonymous'" link.

If you are a Biblical Christian you may wish to avoid "Anonymous'" because trashes Christianity thus making the homosexuals the true bigots.