Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Obama Voters Shone to be Clueless

Here is a YouTube video that goes out of its way to portray the Dem Party Obama voters as morons.

If you are a Conservative you will probably find one of two emotions while viewing this vid.

    1. You will laugh with tears confirming your knowledge that Dem voters are mere drones of the Party apparatchik.

    2. You will fume with anger because the Slants toward how Dems acquired their voting information – the Mainstream Media.

Honestly I am certain there are a lot of Republicans who voted GOP without being informed of the issues. This concept swings both ways.

I watch a Leftist entertainment program called “Boston Legal.” Yes I am a Conservative that actually watches a TV series that is a tool of Leftism. Here is thing, being an old Star Trek fan I had to watch the show with William Shatner (Captain Kirk to the uniformed) in it. Unfortunately Shatner plays a Right Wing buffoon that is a sexual predator – Denny Crane. Still the Denny Crane character is hilarious.

I mention my closet “Boston Legal” watching because this season (the show’s last) the scripts are more blatantly Leftist than usual. I find myself laughing and angry one right after the other.

There was a particular episode that was post Election 2008. It went out of its way to portray McCain/Palin voters as the scum of the earth as well as being morons. I winced more than I laughed at that episode.

So it is with the utmost joy that I show this YouTube video entitled, “How Obama Got Elected... Interviews With Obama Voters.

Hat tip to
Hollywood Trench’s Blog.

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