Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Keep the Senate Dems Below 60

November 4th has come and gone with devastating effects for the Republican Party.

The Republicans did not lose the election because of the GWOT in Iraq. The Republicans
did not lose because there are more moral relativists than Bible Values voters. The Republicans lost because the BHO campaign successfully painted the picture that America’s economic woes are President Bush and the Republican’s fault.

Economics has sent potentially one of the most Slanted Left Legislative and Executive Branches to power in America’s history. It is the kind of Slanted Left that could lead to Biblical Values becoming illegal via legislation and a sympathetic activist Left judiciary.

Convicted felon Republican Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska justifiably lost his election. I am surprised it was close. Maybe the Alaskan Conservatives were wise enough to realize a convicted Republican would be replaced by a Republican appointee to replace Senator Stevens.

Although Senator Norm Coleman has been certified the winner in Minnesota, the Democrats sleazy candidate Al Franken (a Leftist Comedic Entertainer – such qualifications) has been working the likes of George Soros money and influence as well as with corrupt ACORN registrations as well as the mysterious revelation of lost voting documents to get a re-count to steal the election.

Then there is the
Georgia run-off vote scheduled for December 2nd because Senator Saxby Chambliss did not win by a 50% margin (A third Party candidate was in the mix on November 4th). Both the Left and the Right are pouring bucks and political star power for their respective Party choices.

Georgia Conservative voters have a chance to at least prevent Leftists in the Senate to have unbridled power to do as they wish. Actually the Minnesota voters have that opportunity as well; however their votes have been cast already. Minnesota’s outcome will be swayed by how much the hand picked Soros Secretary of State allows for mysterious Franken votes to be located. (One wonders if Micky Mouse will be
certified as a vote by Secretary of State Mark Ritchie.)

When you get emails or snail mail from independent Political Action Committees asking for dough to support Senator Chambliss, I pray you take them up on their plea. God help America if the Dems in the Senate can easily override a Republican filibuster that pertain to Biblical Morality, Leftist Judge Appointees, the crafting of the image of America’s culture and much more on the Leftist plate. Just to reiterate: that Dem plate is there because a majority of American voters believe the Dems can fix an American economy in which they deceptively had a huge portion in causing.

A good example of a family values and pro-American security PAC’s is the Move America Forward PAC. Below is an example of a pitch to prevent the Dems from reaching the rough shod number of sixty in the Senate.

JRH 11/26/08

Help Stop Democrat Super-Majority in Congress
The Most Important Race Ever: Georgia

Ryan Gill
Email Sent: 11/24/2008 4:08 PM


Now that Ted Stevens has lost his seat in Alaska, Democrats currently hold 58 seats in the Senate, when you count Joe Lieberman and Bernie Sanders, the independents who vote with Democrats on most issues. If they get 60 seats, it will be enough to give the liberals a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, which will seal an end to any hopes of curtailing Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s far-left agenda for AT LEAST the next two critical years. One of those seats may go to Al Franken, who is hoping to win in Minnesota. The vote count between Franken and the Republican candidate Norm Coleman is dangerously close and a recount of more than 2.9 million ballots is about to begin. You may have heard of some of the shenanigans and suspicious ‘ballots found’ that have favored Al Franken. There are many reasons to believe the Democrats are trying to steal this from Coleman. If they are successful that brings the Democrat majority just one step away from 60. That is why Chambliss’ race in Georgia is SO EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. This is an opportunity to deny Democrats the super majority they need to pass their extreme liberal agenda unabated by any conservative voice. Their agenda means cuts to the military, a soft line on terror, shutting down Gitmo and limiting our law enforcement’s ability to track, stop and prosecute terrorists! Early voting has already started in Georgia, and MAF Freedom PAC is mobilizing a surgical campaign led by MAF Freedom PAC Chairman Melanie Morgan with Gold Star parents Joe and Jan Johnson to turn the tide in the most critical counties by rallying pro-troop forces around our Blue and Gold Star families there. PLEASE SUPPORT THIS EFFORT!

MAF Freedom PAC is in this fight because we need Saxby Chambliss’ voice in the Senate so that we can KEEP FUNDING FOR OUR MILITARY and take the hard line necessary to combat terrorists! We Need Chambliss to stand up to a President and a Senate who want to SHUT DOWN Guantanamo Bay and release detainees suspected of terrorist acts to whatever country will take them, or even to release them in the United States if no other option exits! “We are in a tough fight for the very heart of our country,” said MAF-PAC Chairman Melanie Morgan. “These Democrats who want to run every arm of government are the very ones who said our brave troops lost the war in Iraq, which was a lie. Saxby Chambliss supports our troops completely, and we must make sure he keeps his seat in the Senate.”

Morgan will appear at press conferences around Georgia alongside Joe and Jan Johnson, whose son, Justin, gave his life in Iraq in 2004. After Justin’s death at the hands of terrorists, Joe Johnson joined the Army and went to war to finish the job Justin began. The Johnsons’ other son, Joshua, also signed up for the Army and served with honor. The Johnson family is now in the fight to stop the anti-military left from overrunning our country. “My son gave his life to make sure we are all safe, and my husband and only surviving son also fought against the terrorists who want to destroy America,” Jan Johnson said. “I support Saxby Chambliss and I need your help to get him elected.”

We need to raise the funds to bolster the Chambliss campaign in this runoff!
You can contribute online - HERE. The STAKES HAVE NEVER BEEN HIGHER! If you don’t want the next 4 years to be ruled by liberals - completely unopposed - you MUST HELP NOW--THIS IS OUR LAST CHANCE!

Keep the Senate Dems Below 60
John R. Houk
© November 26, 2008

Help Stop Democrat Super-Majority in Congress

Paid for and authorized by Move America Forward Freedom PAC - a federal political action committee. MAF Freedom PAC is responsible for the content of this message. This message is not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. Contributions are not tax deductible for federal tax purposes. No corporate checks are permitted.
Move America Forward Freedom PAC
Attn: Betty Presley
30151 Tomas Street
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688


Theway2k said...

I am testing comments. This comment really has nothing to do with the post.

jacksmith said...


Democrat Jim Martin is in a runoff against Bush Republican Saxby Chambliss for the Senate seat from Georgia. Bush's Saxby Chambliss voted against spending a few measly dollars to provide health care coverage for Georgia, and Americas needy children. But he supported wasting hundreds of billions of your dollars, and the life BLOOD of Americas finest on an unnecessary war in Iraq.

At a time when 47 million of you have no health insurance coverage, and over 100 million of you with insurance are just one major illness away from complete financial destruction. Bush and Saxby Chambliss voted to make the heart break of bankruptcy relief even harder for all of you to use.

You see, Bush and Saxby Chambliss, and his family don't have to worry about their health care coverage. They have the finest health care coverage your tax money can buy for them. Courtesy of you. The American Tax payer. In fact, no one but the super rich can afford the health care coverage you the tax payer provide for Saxby Chambliss, and his family for FREE! with your tax dollars.

He supposedly works for you. But he doesn't think you and your family should have access to the type of taxpayer supported FREE health care that you provide for him, and his loved ones for FREE!. Doesn't that just make you BURRING MAD!

Vote for JIM MARTIN for US senator from Georgia. Vote for JIM Martin who will be on your side. Vote for JIM MARTIN who will work with President Obama and a majority congress for you. Vote for JIM MARTIN most of all for your-self, your family's, friends, and loved ones. Vote for JIM MARTIN for a better America, and a better World.

Don't let Saxby Chambliss make a chump out of you by tricking you into voting against your own best interest. Saxby chambliss is NOT! on your side. He's not one of you. He is on George Bush's side. And we all know what a catastrophe the Bush Chambliss administration has been the past 8 years.

Contact all your family and friends and do every thing you can to see to it that JIM MARTIN and GEORGIANS! take that senate seat back for Georgia, and America. No matter where you live in America. This is important to you. President Obama will need all the help, and power you can give him to try and fix this catastrophic mess that the Corrupt Bush Chambliss administration has created.

As I said before you will have to vote in overwhelming numbers to overcome the Bush Chambliss "Let Them Eat Cake" vote fraud machine. Vote early if you can. Then help everyone you can get to the polls and vote for JIM MARTIN. You and your loved ones don't have to be Saxby Chambliss's victims anymore.

I know you will get it done. Just like you did for President Obama.

God bless all of you

jacksmith - WORKING CLASS... :-)

Theway2k said...

jacksmith has some relevant stands on health insurance, it needs fixed.

However a vote for Jim Martin is a vote for some dramatic issues that the McCain campaign fumbled: pro-life and Christian Values.

If Jim Martin is an Obama Democrat you can count on it becoming a crime for Biblical Christians to say it is a sin to be a homosexual. Thus free speech is transformed into hate speech. Millions of babies will continue to be the victims of infanticide for the mere purpose of contraception. Yes contraception is the overwhelming reason for an abortion. Rape and saving the mother's life are miniscule in comparison.

A vote for Martin and Obamanomics could lead to greater socialism under the false blame that the Republicans are the blame for the current economic crisis.

So Saxby Chambliss may not be perfect; however traditional Christian values needs a champion in the Senate. Chambliss may not even be that champion; however the Republicans collectively can filibuster against Slanted Left social changes. America needs Chamblis to keep that filibuster possibility alive!