Friday, November 14, 2008

President Elect Prevaricator

Apparently there are a slew of law suits (some still active yet many dismissed) out there still challenging that Barrack Hussein Obama – President Elect – is a natural born citizen. I still believe that if President Elect Obama is discovered to have been born in Kenya or that there is something funky about his Hawaiian birth certificate that BHO is still eligible on legal terms to have been elected President because his mother is a natural born citizen.

I praise the American citizens trying to discover the truth. If or when (probably never) the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) decides to force the showing of the original birth certificate, I suspect it flashed a light on just how much a liar Obama is. He did not show his birth certificate history to be public knowledge because he would be declared ineligible. As with the bleak lack of Mainstream Media vetting about BHO’s past and present associations, the birth certificate could demonstrate him a deceptive prevaricator of the worst kind.

The information could have placed a big snag in the mind of the voters as to the integrity of Barack Hussein Obama thus leading to the election of a McCain/Palin Presidency instead of the current outcome.

Why do I believe the voters could have been swayed? I was watching Fox and Friends this morning and they showed a clip of Bill Ayers in an interview that was post Election 2008. The purpose of the interview was to re-promote the old terrorist’s book that was released in 2001. Fox and Friends pointed out there is a new afterward or epilogue (or whatever) at the end of the book praising BHO as one of his family friends.

HELLO! BHO in the 2008 campaign over and over again claimed to have barely known Bill Ayers and that BHO was like eight years old when Ayers perpetrated destruction on the American government up to and including the Marxist take-over of America that would included a Cambodia Khmer Rouge like purge (meaning genocide) of American citizens that did not agree with or could hamper the Ayers’ vision of an American Marxist revolution.

Ayers’ expression of friendship with President Elect Obama is an example of Obama prevarication. It is the kind of prevarication if understood by the Independent voters who placed Obama in office quite possibly would have voted another way.

Again the birth certificate issue is a non-issue as far as legality; however a ray of truth may shine a light on what to expect from the lips of Barack Hussein Obama for the next four years.

God have mercy on America’s soul.

JRH 11/14/08

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