Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Obama and the EU will Deliver Israel to Muslim Designs

I am fascinated – no let me rephrase that. I am astonished that the Obama Administration and the power members of the European Union keep haranguing Israel to allow the existence of a sovereign Arab State to be called Palestine to be set up as Israel’s next door neighbor.

One might ask, “Well John Boy, why are you astonished?”

I am glad you asked that.

I am astonished because the group of people the Obama Administration and the European Union wish to install an Israel hating and Jew hating administrative infrastructure whose sole agenda for existing is the destruction of Israel and the promoting of anti-Semitic hatred ala Mein Kampf.

President of the Palestine Authority even in the present publicly tells his constituents that Israel will not be recognized as a Jewish State. The ruling elite of Gaza as represented by the Islamic terrorist organization Hamas goes further. Not only will Hamas will not recognize a “Jewish State” but also promotes the actual destruction of Jewry. What is the reasoning put forth to the West? The existence of a “Jewish State” is racism.


Most of the West influenced by Leftist ideology buys into this “Israel is a racist State” paradigm. Yet it is the Arab-Muslim Middle East is completely sold out to Islamic Supremacism.

Islamic Supremacism means that all non-Muslims (aka kafir) do not have rights to openly practice their faith (or lack thereof) if it insults Islam-Mohammedanism and the Theo-political cult’s Prophet and god known as Allah. The perceived insult may result in imprisonment or Capital punishment by the Middle Eastern State. Also the perception of the insult of everything Islamic will result in the authorities looking the other way as inflamed and incited Mohammedans ruin property, defile non-Muslim religious places, torture (the kind that maims and kills), rape and an unending list of heinous acts that I choose not to search my memory for.

A little sliver of Land that is the Jewish State of Israel was re-created in the twentieth century from the carnage of the Holocaust which was an apex moment of anti-Semitic hate. That land had become an insignificant waste land for a long time by the late nineteenth century.
Jews lived in the area dubbed Palestine even after the Ancient Romans attempted to destroy Jewish heritage after 130’s AD. Those same Jews still were living in then Muslim Supremacist controlled Palestine in the late nineteenth century. European persecution couple with the influence of the rising concept of Zionism led many European Jews to immigrate to the Roman named Palestine.

The few Muslims residing in the Ottoman mismanaged waste land had no animosity to the immigrating Jew until …

A very hate filled anti-Semite known as the
Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Muhammed Amin al-Husseini began sowing seeds of Arab nationalist hate among his fellow Muslims. Al-Husseini also was a buddy of Hassan al-Banna the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is one of the originators of today’s current global scourge – Islamic terrorism.

So here we have little sliver Israel reborn from the death of the Holocaust to a new life in the Land of Jewish ancestors. Israel created as a Jewish State to be a place in which global Jewry could return to evade persecution from the West and the East and everything in between.

We have this Land of Israel as a speck in a sea of Islamic Supremacism and many influential people of the West has the temerity to call Israel a racist State that uses apartheid to render Arabs that call themselves second class citizens. These same Arabs have been taught from birth to hate Israel and dream of its destruction. These same Arabs who many in the West claim are the victims of an apartheid style State are the very same that have defiled Jewish revered sites located in the land being pushed to be a sovereign State. These same Arabs are the ones that have used their greater numbers coupled with Islamic Supremacism to strike fear into Arab Christians that used to be the majority in such cities such as Bethlehem.

Now we have President Obama teaming up with EU leadership to force Israel to accept these Arabs who call themselves Palestinians as a partner in a Two-State solution that in their Islamic Supremacism want to rob more Jewish heritage by trying to usurp the Eastern part of Jerusalem.

President Barack Hussein Obama intends to sell out the only real Western democracy in the Middle East to provide advantage to Muslim Supremacy that will literally murder people who wish to practice Freedom and Liberty. In other words BHO advocates becoming a dhimmi to Muslim global demands to the detriment of the sliver of land known as Israel.


Omar said...

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Theway2k said...

Omar Ikhwan’s “only official English web site” is merely a propaganda machine to schmooze the West.

A great example is Ikhwanweb reporting on Ikhwan offshoot Hamas.

For his part, Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk, the deputy chairman of the politburo of Hamas movement, told Ikhwanweb that " Al Zawahri"s statements express his views and ideology which are totally different from our views; every one knows to what extent the ideology of the Hamas movement clearly contradicts with Al-Qaeda network’s method adopted by Dr. Al Zawahri; Hamas restricts resistance to only inside the Palestinian occupied territories and it does not exercise any operations outside them.The “resistance” is a euphemism for Islamic terrorism. Distinguishing whether Hamas commits Islamic terrorism against Jewish Israelis differs from al Qaeda committing transnational Islamic terrorism is irrelevant.

Indeed Ikhwan, Hamas and rogue Shi’ite State Iran are all linked together in one form or another with the primary link being Islamic terrorism:

Former CIA analyst Reuel Marc Gerecht has an important piece in the Wall Street Journal on Iran's Hamas strategy. The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report (free subscription required) fleshes out the picture even further.

The fundamental truth is that Hamas' road to Iran runs through the international Muslim Brotherhood, and has for two decades.

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The most open analysis of the relationship of the Brotherhood to Iran comes from the public interviews of Yousef Nada, the self-described foreign minister of international Muslim Brotherhood. Unfortunately, there is no English language link to the extraordinary series of statements he gave.

In a series of interviews he gave to al Jazeera in late 2001 and 2002, Nada described how the Ikhwan sent a delegation to Tehran immediately after Khommeini assumed power in 1979. He states that the MB delegation was the third plane to land in Tehran after the revolution-the first was Khommeni's, then security from the PLO, and then his.

As the Brother in charge of relations with Iran, he tells how his group worked with the Iranian revolutionary regime, and how he personally tried to mediate an end to the Iran-Iraq war. My full blog is here.
So Omar I don’t really buy into any idea that info gravitating from Ikhwan’s “only official English web site” is truthful.