Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hopefully Netanyahu Follows Through

Now that Netanyahu has formalized a coalition government and is the official Prime Minister of Israel, he has come out of his corner swinging.

I heard yesterday that Netanyahu will take an Israeli unilateral response against Iran SOON if the chicken appeasing West (my embellishment) does nothing about imminent Iranian nukes.

General Patraeus the hero of the Iraq Surge told Congress recently that the threat a nuclear Iran poses to Israel’s existence will cause unilateral military action against Iranian nuke sites.

Apparently the U.S. Military is not working on the same page for Secretary of Defense Gates officially countered his Middle East War General saying if Israel launches a strike it will not be in 2009.

Keep in the Messianic Shi’ite Mullocracy has not been shy about warning America or Israel about retaliation for military adventurist activity against the Iranian nuke program.

Nathan Hodge writing for Danger Room (a Wired offshoot) examines the possibilities Israel will take if indeed a deterrent military strike is utilized against Iranian nuke capabilities. The scenarios that Hodge uses do give an image of concreteness to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s public dressing down of Iran nukes and the West’s inability to do anything but offer appeasement over those nukes.

Hodge examines potential flight paths that Israel might risk as well as long range missile strikes assuming that Israeli Jericho III multi-stage ballistic missile is very accurate.

Since I am a Christian Zionist Neocon that Middle Eastern Muslims and Leftists hate, it is no surprise that I pray for a successful mission for Israel. Indeed, I hope that the U.S.A. would join or at least secretly aid Israel in this endeavor.

Iran has thumbed its nose at the International Community about its nuke program. Iran has lied to the International Community about its nuclear program. Iran has prevented full disclosure inspections by the global nuclear watchdog IAEA. Iran claims its nuke program is peaceful for energy needs yet it is producing weapons grade uranium beyond the needs of peaceful energy. Iran is the largest Nation-State providing aid, training and relief to Islamic terrorists (both Shi’ite and Sunni).

Sounds a lot like Saddam Hussein’s former regime.

The West and the U.S.A. have twiddled their thumbs about the obvious intent of Iran’s agenda to develop WMD.

Heck yeah: go get’em Israel.

JRH 4/2/09

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