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RE: Obama’s War on Islam

Gary H. Johnson, Jr. has provided two comments pertaining to “Obama’s War on Israel.”

JRH 4/27/09

Commenter: Gary H. Johnson, Jr.
United Against Islamic Supremacism
Sent: April 27, 2009

Comment 1:

The key reality to understand in the Obama pressures on Israel is the fact that Mitchell (about Mitchell) set up his offices in West Jerusalem.

UPDATE Sent: 4/27/2009 11:40 PM

The key reality to understand in the Obama pressures on Israel is the fact that Mitchell (about Mitchell) did not set up his offices in West Jerusalem, but chose instead to set up his offices in East Jerusalem. The question is, who is in control of the territory housing the offices of Mitchell? It seems East Jerusalem is most likely controlled by the West Bank.

Comment 2:

For OneJerusalem to single out Hillary Clinton for chiding is actually rather shortsighted. In the Middle East, Hillary Clinton is a part of a team of US Diplomatic Ambassadors which span from Indonesia to Morocco and these diplomats are operating on an Obama Agenda, whose architecture is designed to create stability...not peace...not solutions... Stability!

When Stability Operations are the measure of your resolve, victory is replaced with success as the goal. As to Jerusalem, to Obama, success in stability operations has to do with the entire region of Greater Palestine from Egypt through Iran and is measured in geopolitical terms. Therefore, when OneJerusalem looks to divine the activities of Obama and Netanyahu, they are faced with absurdity.

A two state solution is impossible without a second state. And the Second state, Palestine, does not exist under any unified or unity government at present...and has decided to work itself into a transitional unity government by the elections in January of 2010.

All is on hold for the Palestinian Government until next January. So, why so much pressure on Netanyahu and Israel from the world community? Why is the world community not facing the fact that Hamas just won the Union elections of UNRWA (This is the UN organization mandated to provide relief for those called Palestinian Refugees)?

Why is the world not paying attention to the fact that Muhammad Dahlan recently admitted that Fatah never abided by Oslo's Accord?

Why is it dismissed in the Western Media that the Hamas gunrunners are chiefly finding their sources for arms and drugs and explosives in Iran?

The reason - no one wants to face the fact of the matter: Islamic Supremacism is THE destabilizing element in the region. To focus on geopolitical wrangling when what is at stake is Islamopolitical Reality is to face half the beast while pretending that the organs of the beast that make up its nervous system and agitating flames do not exist.

In the end, the only question is whether Israel is a paper tiger...and with Netanyahu at the helm, it is unlikely that the two-state solution will advance without assurances to the Israeli people from the world community and Hamas and Fatah that Israel has a right to exist. The fact that Netanyahu has bucked back and said that Hamas and Fatah must recognize Israel as the Jewish state and Obama's team came back and said "Hamas doesn't have to recognize Israel" tells us one thing...Obama's administration is aligning itself with the European Elite Diplomats and Leftwing Revisionist Historians to advance a radical agenda in the region.

It won't be long until the upheaval of June 2009 in Lebanon and Iran and a skip and a jump to the Afghanistan broil over Karzai's slot in August 2009. For the European Community and the Obama Administration to be ramping up pressure on Israel is premature on the two-state solution front and the only piece of the puzzle that is a spoiler that is driving this geopolitical reality on Israel's border in the intel communities of the US, Britain, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Pakistan is the Iranian Nuclear question.

If the Iranians were not close to the bomb, the Obama Administration would not be pressuring Israel to this degree...however, the need to weaken Iran's hold on the Proxies of Hamas and Hezbollah before they detonate the practice sands is a push for influence that is beginning in a radical manner in this new age of American coalitions and diplomacy. The US diplomatic corps is pushing for Stability, therefore, the definition of success is the establishment of governments and bureaucracies that can provide security and guide societies and individuals within them.

Morality is sidelined, history is put on hold in preparation to be written, Islamic Supremacism is backburnered, and reason is literally flung out onto the highway from the speeding vehicle like an unwanted kitten in a pillowcase.

All in all, to push for a two state solution when one of the states is against it and the other state refuses to accept the idea of uniting is literally ABSURD! It is insane, crazy, without any basis in reality, pie in the sky, crucified hope, gerryrigged corruption wound around the intrusive power of the World Bank, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and SCF (Sharia Compliant Finance) brokerage houses here in Washington, New York and Chicago.

Only someone with a vested interest in hairline stability would consult this course of action in the Levant. It guarantees one thing - it places the definition of success into the heart of the Islamic Supremacist ideological stronghold... De-stabilization is the specialty of Islamic Supremacism...if Stability is the definition of success, until Islamic Supremacism is destroyed ideologically, principally, ethically, the geopolitical wars and diplomatic actions of our new administration in the Af-Pak and Levant will end in guaranteed failure on every count.

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