Tuesday, April 21, 2009

OCDB: Defeat Harry Reid’s Reelection

Senator Harry Reid the Democrat from Nevada is coming up for reelection in 2010. Comrade Reid has done everything in political power to undermine America’s troops fighting in Iraq. Currently Reid enjoys the Democrat Party spoils of electoral victory by being the Senate Majority Leader which means that his anti-American Leftist rhetoric is joined with actual real political clout.

Since the Mainstream Media is slack on reporting on ignoble incidents publicly spoken by Leftists, I need to remind you that Senator Reid spoke these infamous words prior to “The Surge” in Iraq: “… this war is lost …”

The Slanted Right (Janet Napolitano would say right wing extremist) group known as Our Country Deserves Better (OCDB) has decided to concentrate some efforts to make Senator Reid vulnerable to an election loss in 2010.

As Senate Majority Leader, Senator Reid will be an architectural component in President Barack Hussein Obama’s Socialist Agenda to bring the kind of “Change” American voters did understand they were voting for. That change is more than diminishing part of what makes America strong – Free Market Capitalism. Indeed, that change involves a moral, social and societal transformation of America that could end Free Speech as the First Amendment originally intended and the further eroding of morality by infusing further the concept Secular Humanistic relativity.

It was two years ago today that Harry Reid proved his level of incompetence. He and his ilk of anti-Americanists and those directly responsible for the deaths and wounding of our Troops for political power and gain tried to lose the War as a whole for the express purpose of personal and professional power. They empowered, enabled and emboldened the enemy every day. They tried to lose the war 45 times and lost 45 times. You'd think that losing would make them happy because they dwell on and thrive in defeat.

Reid: "...this war is lost..." Those were his words of wisdom to We The People and the idiot is still a US Senator. What's up with that? I can only surmise that Treason is an acceptable personality flaw and political trait.
(The Snooper Report)

Even if you are not from Nevada, join Our Country Deserves Better (and no doubt other Napolitano considered right wing extremists) in defeating Senator Reid’s reelection bid.

JRH 4/21/09
Psst - Don't Tell Harry Reid

Deborah Johns
Email Sent: April 20, 2009
From: Our Country Deserves Better


Hello, it's Deborah Johns, co-Vice Chairman of the Our Country Deserves Better Committee. This is an important email and I ask that you please read the entire email and if possible, please forward to your friends.

I am writing to you today to let you know that we've just updated our website with our "Defeat Harry Reid" project. I urge you to check it out and support our efforts to oust Sen. Harry Reid in the upcoming congressional elections, where Senator Reid is up for re-election: DEFEAT HARRY REID - CLICK HERE.


As Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid has been Public Enemy #1 to the American people.

Ever since he became Senate Majority Leader spending has exploded and he has pushed through one spending plan after another. Our children and grandchildren will be burdened with trying to overcome the damage he has caused. As the mother of three sons, I can tell you this is not the legacy I was hoping our generation would leave for the future.

Reid was the one who arm-twisted those squishy RINO Republicans (Arlen Specter, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe) to vote for the $800-billion porkulus spending plan of Obama. Now Reid is lining up votes for Obama's additional deficit spending plans, just as he lined up the votes for government bailouts and tax increases.

But for me this issue is very personal. As many of you know, I have been an active leader in the pro-troop movement for the past several years. And the day that Sen. Harry Reid announced "This War is Lost" while our troops were still fighting on the battlefield, I was LIVID! (Please watch the video of Sen. Reid making an *** of himself when he falsely and erroneously declared "The Surge" and our troops a failure - WATCH IT HERE).

I don't care what your view is about the War on Terror and the various missions that have been involved. We can all debate the best way and means to fight radical Islamic terrorists. But I cannot respect a man who cheerleads for the enemy and insults our military men and women while they are in the middle of fighting a war and conducting their missions.

And newsflash to Harry Reid: you were wrong, the surge was an incredible success!

The war was not lost, and in fact our troops pushed back al-Qaeda cells throughout Iraq and brought calm and stability to over 90% of the nation thanks to Gen. David Petraeus, our troops, and "The Surge" strategy.

Friends, our country deserves better than to have the U.S. Senate led by a man who has been disastrous to our nation's fiscal health; who has helped advance a socialistic policy of government control of parts of our economy, and who has acted disgracefully towards our military men and women.

The past few days everyone has been talking about what's next for the Tea Party movement. Well, obviously we need to vote out those politicians who are harming our country's future. And I can think of no better place to start than by defeating Sen. Harry Reid. Polls show he is in serious trouble in his home state of Nevada, and I promise you that we here at the Our Country Deserves Better Committee will make sure that he is actively opposed.

How we can change our government is to take those out of power who are using that power to harm America's future and our citizens. Please support our efforts to "Defeat Harry Reid." You can learn more about the effort - HERE.

This is just one small part of a major project we at the Our Country Deserves Better Committee will be announcing to take back our country. Stay tuned for additional aspects of this major initiative as we unveil it over the next week.


Ilatria said...

My name is Greg Conely, and I am going to run against Harry Reid in 2010. Please visit my website at http://www.imagementor.net/politics/ to see my beliefs along with what I will fight for as senator. Thanks all, and let's keep up the fight.

Theway2k said...

Greg I checked your website concerning running against Harry Reid for a Senate seat from the State of Nevada. I admire your honesty pertaining to a youthful criminal record.

At age 31 I do not think you have placed enough years between then and now. You rightly tell kids that hard drugs mess up your life. Yet it seems a brew and a toke are still acceptable to you or at least for America's youth.

Yes it is true I am of the Christian Right persuasion. Hence a brew and a toke for a youth is more than likely to lead to riskier experiments at that age.

Being a Christian moralist I cannot sanction adding rights to individuals based on sexual orientation, in particular the homosexual and transgender orientation.

Although I am on board with you in the Federal government (especially the Judiciary). I believe in the Founders concept of Federalism in which such legal decisions should be left to each individual sovereign State in the Union.

You seem to have admirable designs but not the political slant I would vote for. If I lived in Nevada and the General Election came down to be between you and Reid, I would probably vote for you as the lesser of to evils. No offense intended or implied toward you with the word "evil."