Monday, April 20, 2009

The Real Attack on the Bill of Rights

The Ben’s Blog has an awesome post pertaining Islam and the Constitution!

The post posits removing Islam as a recognized religion in America due to the ideology being just as much political as it is religious; indeed I sense that Ben’s post even wishes to eliminate the perception that Islam/Mohammedanism is a religion at all.

This post is a classic example as to why I am on the fence concerning Mohammedanism and the American Way. There are many Muslims who only practice the peaceful portions of Islam (even though those portions are abrogated by later Quranic suras). These Muslims are either reformed minded or deluded about their own theology. Actually radical Islam is practicing the letter of the Quran and Islamic traditions (which are regarded as only a little less authoritative than the Quran).

Personally I cannot see a Mainstream Media propagation tool and the current stronghold of being politically correct ever successfully removing Islam as a religion, yet it is awesome to provide the evidence as to the "why" Islam should be downgraded from a religion to a Theo-political ideological cult.

JRH 4/20/09

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