Friday, April 10, 2009

VP Biden Caught Lying

Vice President Joe Biden has been caught lying about conversations with President Bush while Biden was still a Senator from Delaware.

Of course VP Biden could not help it.
Democrats lie, it is in the nature of the Leftist dominated Democrat Party to lie. Leftists are well aware that their vision of a utopia requires individuals to be submerged in the will of the State while the State pretends to care about the will of individuals by classing the one into the many of a collective. That which is deemed right for the collective must be right for the individual.

Due to this encoded nature of Democrats VP Biden could not help to be a liar.

The thing is the voters believed the liars in 2008 because the Dems had the back-up of the Mainstream Media (MSM) to first paint a vilified picture of President Bush and then capitalized on that portrait to through mud on Senator McCain and call it the same mud from President Bush.

And here we are in April 2009 and America is on the way to be a socialized nation in which the very rights deemed intruded upon by President Bush are being shredded by the Obama Administration. The Obama/Biden Administration is slowly eroding Capitalism and private ownership.

In the spirit of Leftist Democrats lying VP Biden is using a position of political power to shift focus from what Obama is doing to remind voters of the pre-November 2008 portrait of the Bush Administration. By publically performing this reminder via self-aggrandizement, VP Biden pushes the agenda of America accepting the Obama transformation toward socialism by reminding America of the Leftist portrait of Bush-America.

Read Karl Rove adamantly refuting VP Biden’s non-existent conversations with President Bush.

JRH 4/10/09

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