Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pelosi Did Not Disapprove of Torture

An oft reported theme I have put forth is that Democrats lie. There was a time when only the obvious Left wing of the Democrat Party would indulge in political slight of hand and tell a lie for political gain in the hope the Center to Right would acquire a bad public image. The Democrat fringe was in the mold of Senator McGovern. The McGovernite Dems were an electoral laughing stock. That is because the Democrat Party used to be dominated by Center-Right Statesmen in the mold of Senator Scoop Jackson of Washington State. Those Democrats are long gone.

Now that the fringe Left has utterly taken over the Democrat Party America can expect lies for political public enhancement will be the norm rather the exception.

The Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in her minority leadership role was involved in about thirty meetings along with other Republican and Democrat leadership circa 2002. Those meetings explicitly detailed the enhanced interrogation techniques to be used on Islamic terrorists captured shortly after the invasion of Afghanistan.

Nancy Pelosi is the ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives and third in line for the Presidency if a cataclysmic catastrophe occurs to the President and Vice President. This woman of High Government Office has down right lied claiming there was NO detail given in those meetings explaining the nature of enhanced interrogation techniques.

Here is a side thought: Is it not interesting the Obama Administration is bent on calling Islamic terrorists and the Global War on Terror by long drawn out names obfuscating the reality of America’s enemy? Yet the successful methods to extract information from those Islamic terrorists to keep America safe are “torture.” Can you say political agenda?

Pelosi is being busted in public in the deceitful
hypocritical lie to protect her Leftist back-side.

Porter J. Goss a former CIA Director is part of an increasing line of individuals
calling Pelosi out on her lies.

Many Joe Americans may ask, “What’s the big deal? Politicians lie for gain all the time. What makes Speaker Pelosi’s lie any different?”

The big deal is part of the Democrat Party road to power was decrying the lack of civil rights for non-State terrorist POWs who utilized heinous brutal torture that cost lives prior to their capture. Using the weariness of the Global War on Terror by the American public, the accusation of torture as an American war crime was used to paint a picture of evil of Republicans who believed in winning rather than losing.

Pelosi is in a position of choosing to lie about any knowledge of what enhanced interrogation techniques entailed OR owning up to the truth proving the Democrats lied there way to the American voters’ hearts.

JRH 4/26/09

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