Thursday, April 16, 2009

CAREFUL: You Might be Labeled a Right Wing Extremist

Isn’t amazing that Homeland Security issued a warning concerning returning American veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan as fodder for Right Wing Extremist groups? I find it amazing because does not read to often (like never) of the radical Islamic element in this nation that follow the teachings of Saudi Wahhabis, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Shi’ite Muslims supportive of Iran and Hezbollah’s brutal practices of Sharia Law. These radical Muslims either overtly or covertly are very supportive of Islamic terrorism that one could link to al Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah. Those Islamic terrorists I just mentioned are a drop in the bucket of the huge array Islamic terrorists globally and who actually receive monetary and/or propaganda support in America.

I could appreciate the Homeland security report on possible recruits to right wing extremist if the MSM would actually list some of these groups. I say this for I am fairly certain the MSM would consider me a right wing extremist from my writings concerning the Left or radical Islam.

I don’t wish to be classified with the actual supremacists such as the infamous KKK, Neo-Nazi groups (one that comes to mind – Aryan Brotherhood) and anti-government militias.

These kinds of groups advocate violence for their goals or are at least sympathetic due White Supremacist thinking. These right wingers are no different than radical Muslims achieving their goals via violent jihad.

I am virulently unhappy with radical Islam and Leftist agendas in my writing. I do not advocate violence, overthrowing the U.S. government or extra-legal methods to promote my opinion.

The Homeland Security report unjustly could imprint every veteran who is pro-military and pro-America as a right wing extremist. That is radically wrong and smacks of an agenda by the current Obama Administration.

JRH 4/16/09

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