Friday, April 17, 2009

The American Way and Political Islam are NOT Compatible

As a Christian Right kind of guy I view Islam/Mohammedanism as the greatest threat to American Liberty and freedom of thought or conscience since Soviet Communism was extremely active in infiltrating American social settings as well as infiltrating the government.

I have been on the fence between grouping Islam with radical Islam and trying to see a separation between the two.

As an American and a huge supporter of Freedom of Religion (although not to the extent Leftists shut down Christianity on related taxpayer connected community or national apparatuses) I struggle with the concept of Islam being a religion that can practice in America. There is absolutely
no tolerance within Islam for other faiths or lack of faith for that matter.

In Mohammedan dominated nations being a non-Muslim makes you a second class citizen and susceptible to retribution for practicing another faith (or lack thereof) openly, especially if the other faith promulgates its tenets as better to Islam or is critical of Islam. Retribution could be as horrible as death and destruction.

According to
Islamic sacred writings there is no separating the acts of worship from the acts of politics. Thus the American and/or Westerner needs to comprehend the concept of Political Islam. Part of honoring the Mohammedan Allah and its Prophet is wreaking havoc on non-believing Muslims (kafir) until there is a humiliating submission (the second class citizen) or conversion or death. This Political Islam concept is hugely prevalent among Mohammedan dominated nations.

In the West it is obviously not quite so virulent; however there is evidence that the back to the basics ideology of radical Islam is making an inroad into
America and the West. Honor Killings is something the Western Public is beginning to slowly understand is part of the strict Islamic paradigm even though the politically correct Mainstream Media (MSM) has gone to great lengths to obfuscate the murder of a Muslim (usually woman, daughter or sister) to any connection to Mohammedan practices. I have even read the denunciation of Honor Killing from Muslim-American groups as being un-Islamic and more a cultural phenomena from foreign nations. Hello, the foreign nations alluded to are Mohammedan dominated.

Just as I am about to join groups and people that are on the “Ban Islam” bus I across such websites similar to Muslims Against Sharia or committed Muslims who denounce the Political Islam of Mohammedan retro-revivalists. One such person is
M. Zuhdi Jasser who condemns Political Islam because he wants his Islamic family to be partakers of the American dream of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness while freely practicing his faith.

Now that is the real American Way: individual autonomy merged with an American consciousness or assimilation while honoring the roots of your heritage. This kind of assimilation has occurred with countless immigrants to America in the past yet this is the kind of assimilation that retro-Islamists abhor as insulting to their Prophet Mohammed and his god known as Allah.

Jasser has an essay entitled, “
Obama Administration Stacking the Deck with Islamists”. It is an awesome essay which points to the Obama Administration having connection with Islamists in America and abroad who are definitely anti-American and live for the premise that America will slowly be infused with a enough Muslim converts to take over the political process thereby ending the American paradigm of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. READ IT!

JRH 4/17/09 (Hat Tip: ACT! For America)

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