Sunday, April 19, 2009


I can see why Alan Peters is receiving extreme vilification from the Americans on the Left and the Americans deceived by the messianic promises to change America into a better place in which everyone gets along (NOT).

Peters has written an essay at
News Views that asks the questions about President Barack Hussein Obama’s agenda. Peters has asked the questions that dig into the “why” of the path the Democrat Party President is taking America. Peters has noticed that the “Obamabots” never answer the question, instead the Obamabots try to respond to the question by diverting to another subject (e.g. its George W. Bush’s fault or only a racist would ask those kinds of questions). The actual answer to Peters’ question NEVER comes.

The thing that does come to Peters is irrational hate for daring to question Obamasiah’s motives or past. Indeed the Mainstream Media (MSM) which has covered for BHO’s campaign to the Presidency is still believe that “Change” is a Utopia on earth that will transform America into a Leftist paradise in which Big Brother will determine wages and wealth or define the meaning of the word “Liberty.”

Alan Peters’
essay deserves a read, unless of course you are an Obamabot. If that is the case you may wish to steer clear of Peters’ essay. An Obamabot may be subject to a grand mal seizure of heartache for being exposed.

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