Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Will Taiwan be the Next Georgia?

America’s failure to back Georgia with nothing more than fancy diplomatic words might inspire China to invade Taiwan. Old Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalist Chinese fled Mao’s Red Chinese forces in 1949 to Taiwan. At the time the U.N. did not recognize Mao’s control of the Mainland China as the government of the Chinese people. Chiang’s little demoralized army fled to Taiwan under American protection.

America forced the U.N. to maintain the myth that Chiang represented Chinese sovereignty from little Taiwan. America pulled it off because of Red China’s inferior technological military. The days, they are a chang’in.

Red China eventually became recognized as THE China relegating the Nationalist Chinese to inhabitants of the Island of Taiwan. The Red Chinese deal is that Taiwan was under Mainland sovereignty before the Nationalist fled in defeat; ergo Taiwan still is under Mainland sovereignty (
There is a legitimate dispute to the Red Chinese claim).

The threat of an American Military is the only thing that has kept the Taiwanese (combined Chinese and Taiwanese natives) people to develop a free democratic nation.

Georgia is an American ally. Russia invaded Georgia with impunity. America has done nothing except to say there will be consequences. Hmm … I am fairly certain Russia is still looking for those consequences as Georgia has been raped of its infrastructure and Russian tanks in sight of the Georgian Capital of Tbilisi.

America, Russia is laughing in your face.

America, will Communist China laugh in your face as it forcibly occupies Taiwan?

JRH 8/20/08

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