Thursday, August 14, 2008

Russia Keeps Brutalizing U.S. Ally Georgia

Okay, I know I am probably a neocon blowhard. I also know that Georgia is not in NATO.

On the other hand I know that Russia has oppressed the Georgian people either under Czarist or Soviet rule over the last two hundred years.

I know that Georgia was one of the “
coalition of the willing” when America decided to end the genocidal terrorist supporting regime of Saddam Hussein while Russia was definitely one of the European supporters of allowing Saddam Hussein’s reign of terror to continue. Indeed Georgia had 2000 troops in Iraq that America airlifted back to Georgia to face the big bully Philistine Goliath Russia.

Where is the American and Western Democracies (that still a little military oomph) at in telling Russia get out or we will join and kick you out.

Yeah, yeah I know. The rest of Europe has become pussies because economically Russia is a huge supplier of oil and natural gas.

I know this is a tired cliché, but this fear of war thing to keep the status quo has become the entry level to future military devastation for quite some time. First the carnage of WWI became the set-up not to mess with Hitler and look what happened. Then Europe (and geez America) KNEW Stalin had turned the Soviet Communists into the evil empire and did nothing to nip in the bud what would be a half century of Democracy/Communist Cold War with blood spilled among mutual client States.

Just think if America and Europe had the cajones to act on
George Patton’s warning of the Soviets rather than firing him. Sure WWII would have shifted from Germany to the USSR but the combined Democracies and the only nation in possession of a nuclear bomb would have crushed the Communist Evil Empire.

So what is the world’s Democracies doing about Russian aggression? Probably rightly trying to find a diplomatic solution for Georgia and Russia; however
I place no trust in the Russian liars.

Russia has already said they have called a cease fire and pulled back and are not in Gori, Georgia. The news channel I was watching demonstrated Russia was a liar because they should live feed of Russian tanks moving into Gori rather than out of Gori.

It is time to rally the Democracies to step up and show preparedness for war. I mean NATO existed to thwart Soviet aggression. What’s the difference? Did not Western Europe receive the benefit of oil and gas from pipelines that were under the former USSR control? So if Brezhnev had said if you protect small nations from the USSR that were NATO members, would NATO fold because of the potential of an economic rough time?

I mean Turkey is part of NATO as well. This is a chance to demonstrate a modern government instead of an Islamic government and start toot’ in the anti-Russian horn.

Okay enough venting. This is what
Yahoo News says about the current state of affairs in Georgia and Russian aggression.

JRH 8/14/08


Anonymous said...

I agree we should have let Patton kick the stuffing out of the Ruskies. And we should send A-10 warthogs in to bust Ruskie tanks in Georgia.

Theway2k said...

Now the Russkies are threatening with Poland if the Missile Defense Shield proceeds.

I think it is time to carry a big stick and let Russia know we will use it if need be.