Saturday, August 30, 2008

Palin’s Presumptive Nomination will Clarify Dem Deficiencies

Barack Hussein Obama criticized McCain’s choice of VP as a former Mayor of a small town of 9,000 that would be a heart beat away from being President of the United States of America. Also as far as I could tell to date most of the Leftist Dems agree with that Campaign statement.

BHO’s intent was to say Governor Sarah Palin was inexperienced to be Vice President let alone a President.

Let’s look at the BHO assumptions.

    · BHO is assuming that Palin is only an executive of a small city. The fact is she has taken on big oil corporations, has been the Governor of Alaska for two years and has made great strides in battling political corruption in Alaska. Oops! That smacks of more experience than Barack Hussein Obama who done very little as legislator on the State AND National level. It also hearkens back to BHO’s remarks about rural areas in Pennsylvania being bitter in clinging to guns and religion. I guess that religion and guns are something a Marxist Democrat does not appreciate.

    · BHO is assuming that McCain will win. How can I say that? Because BHO said Palin would be a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

    · Which leads to the next assumption: BHO is assuming that McCain will die in office so that Palin will become President. How morbid is that?

BHO should fear Governor Palin’s dedication to rooting out corruption and her stand for Christian Family Values.

BHO has a
checkered history with criminals, murderers and Islamists. Palin has cleaned up Alaskan political corruption.

BHO is
pro-infanticide … err I mean pro-abortion. Palin is pro-choice.

BHO is
pro-deviancy in promoting the validation of homosexual and transgender issues which goes against the grain of Biblical Morality. Palin believes in the traditional marriage of male to female NOT male to male nor female to female.

Although she's a social conservative who opposes abortion and gay marriage, Palin signed into law a state bill giving benefits to same-sex couples. (Market Watch)

Some on the Christian Right might find it a paradox with giving benefits to same-sex couples. I know it got my attention. Not knowing the situation or her thinking I have to believe it is a hate the sin and not the sinner situation. Although I would not support give tax dollars to homosexuals, I can see the compassionate Christian to all as a witness of Christ.

The way I see it is that Governor Palin is the perfect family values compliment to centrist John McCain. I can even see that Palin is enough of a maverick herself that she would stick to her guns and not be bullied by Christian Right absolutists (which I am pretty close on many issues). There are no sycophants on the
Republican ticket for President.

JRH 8/30/08


fuzzys dad said...

Barack Hussein Obama and the dems are heading down a road to a BIG LOSS in Nov.

Theway2k said...

If Americans pay attention I believe fuzzys dad is correct.