Saturday, August 23, 2008

Let’s Add China to the Terrorist Watch List

It is common knowledge in the America that Iran and Syria are rogue nations that do little to hide the fact they aid transnational terrorists and Palestinian/Arab terrorists with military and financial aid.

Now many Western democracies may shun from the direct accusation of calling the Islamofascist twins “rogue” nations however that is due to the dhimmitude fears of an oil economy rather than the facts that are known.

The surprising thing is that American media hesitates to expose a nation on this dear planet as a rogue nation – the Peoples Republic of China (aka Red China or Communist China). China is the very place that is home to this year to the quadrennial Olympics.

I suspect the lack of reporting on the nefarious activities of Red China may be varied. Here are a few inexhaustive thoughts for American media cowardice.

· The Mainstream Media is Leftist oriented and Red China is definitely a Leftwing (although becoming more fascist/socialist) Communist dictatorship.

· Red China has a booming economy in which capitalist nations and corporations are investing a big stake.

· Red China has the
largest military in terms of active personnel in the world and gives China a global ranking of THREE behind number two Russia followed by number one America.

There probably are other mitigating circumstances for the lack of reporting, but those three come to mind.

America is currently involved in a Global War on Terror (GWOT) which the Western Leftists has relatively forced to be fought in Afghanistan and Iraq and NO WHERE else. I say no where else because Islamofascist terrorist organizations like Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and entities of the umbrella organization the PLO
have all been involve in American assets even before 9/11. The murdering terrorist organizations I just mentioned combined are radical Islamic and Islamic thugs that sincerely support a Palestinian State and some simply operate thug operations closer to a Mafioso organization. In either case these Palestinian/Arab radical Muslims have one aim: the extermination of Jewish Israel and knocking chunks of armor out of Israel’s primary ally America.

So why should we classify Red China as a rogue nation supporting transnational Islamic terrorism?

Red China bank branches in America have been used to transfer the big bucks to Hamas and Islamic Jihad between 2004 and 2007. Three years is NOT a mere clerical oversight. This was a transaction that was allowed clandestinely with the purpose of financing the interests of Palestinian Terrorists. These are the very terrorists with the sole aim of wiping Israel and Jewry of the Middle Eastern map and killing Americans because America supports the existence of Israel.

Terror Victims Sue Bank Of China for Ties with Hamas

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
21 Av 5768, 22 August 08 01:04
Arutz Sheva –

More than 100 victims and relatives of targets of Arab terrorist attacks have filed an historic suit in Los Angeles against the Bank of China, which transferred hundreds of millions of dollars to Hamas and Islamic Jihad between 2004 and 2007. The suit, filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court Thursday, details how the bank wired money through its American branches to an account in China used by the terrorist groups.

Israeli counterterrorist personnel met with Chinese officials in 2005 to demand it cease from transferring more money, but the bank, with the approval of the Chinese government, continued to wire money for Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Among the victims and families whose attorneys filed the criminal and civil suits are the parents of four-year-old Afik Zahavi, who was killed four years ago in a Kassam rocket attack on Sderot as he returned home from a pre-school facility.

Other plaintiffs include the families of two men who were murdered in a suicide bombing at an Eilat bakery last year. Attorney Nitsana Darshan-Leitner charged that the Bank of China "even had the chutzpah to make these funds transfers through its U.S. branches right under the nose of the Justice Department, despite the fact that Hamas and the Palestine Islamic Jihad are designated terrorist organizations and that such wire transfers are a crime under American law. We expect the Bank of China to now pay very heavily for its support for terrorism."

Ohhhhhhhhh yeah! That makes Red China a rogue nation. We should respect Red China like we tell our children to respect the danger of a plug-in socket; however America should not shirk its responsibility of this threat to Americans by this new joint Communist/Islamist venture.

The American MSM and the American government should be making some very public noise about this. By not addressing this issue we are showing China and the Islamist terrorists we are the weak-kneed Americans they believe us to be.

JRH 8/23/08

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