Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Check Out Who BHO Does NOT Want You to KNOW

I don’t even know how this is possible but Barack Hussein Obama is strong arming media to prevent an anti-BHO ad from hitting the national and local air waves.

Anti-BHO ad is not even from the McCain campaign camp. It is from a “conservative non-profit group” called American Issue Project (AIP). AIP does not have a direct connection to McCain but in fairness to BHO its conservatism and anti-BHO campaign definitely benefits McCain. And the thing that is glorious is that McCain cannot be held accountable for anything AIP does that may cross the line.

This AIP ad is definitely a Swift Boat kind of ad that will haunt BHO. There are very few ways to dodge the content of the ad for it is a matter of public record which the MSM will undoubtedly avoid reporting on at this stage of the Presidential race. It is surprising that Fox has backed away from running AIP ad though. I wonder what the threat BHO is using to squelch this First Amendment right to air the truth.

Are you ready to read what the heck I am talking about?

It is the fact that Barack Hussein Obama and Bill Ayers are buddies. In fact they are such buddies that BHO began the initial stages of planning a campaign at Ayers home.

If you have never heard of Bill Ayers you might ask, “So what?”

Bill Ayers was a member of the murderous Left Wing (pro-Communist) Weatherman home grown terrorist organization. There purpose was to target government employees because the U.S. military were “murdering” 2000 Vietnamese every day. That means Ayers was one of those unpatriotic people of the Left during the Vietnam War era that called American troops coming home from war “baby killers, butchers, and murderers” and more.

You know what? According to a Fox News interview (yep one of the networks not running the anti-BHO ad) Bill Ayers is totally unrepentant the violence he was involved in perpetrating on Americans. It is no wonder that Barack Hussein Obama was against invading Iraq and the later Surge. By association with Ayers BHO has to be one of those Lefties that would rather see America submerged in foreign violence rather than actively preempting foreign violence. Why? Because it might kill innocent people who support violent acts against America.

That is a bunch of Slanted Left utopian drivel!

Catch this Bill Ayers is now a tenured Professor at University of Illinois, Chicago.

Here is an example the Left spin and justification of Bill Ayers today: A Washington Post (alleged) Fact Finding Blog.

Here Michael Dobbs remarkably paints a picture of a “distinguished” Professor involved in good works (such as anti-poverty – every Communist collective’s favorite charity) and a tribute to society. Dobbs proceeds to mush through an Ayers pedestal saying the old Weatherman murderer was never convicted of any crime. O MY GOD! He wasn’t convicted because a moronic judge allowed a technicality about FBI surveillance not to be used against Ayers.

You can view the ad and read about BHO attempts to squelch the First Amendment at

JRH 8/27/08

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