Monday, August 25, 2008

What does BHO Mean When he says he is a Christian?

John R. Houk
© August 25, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama has publicly avowed himself a Christian.

Undeniably his childhood and early youth was surrounded in a Mohammedan environment with a Muslim father and schooling in an Indonesian madrassa.

Now BHO goes out of his way to say his White Mom was a secular gal. I have little to zero information on BHO’s Mom; however it is apparent she had a penchant for Mohammedan men.

On the other hand Leftist CNN has effectively debunked the rumors that BHO attended an Islamic madrassa (let alone a radical Islamic madrassa). And I believe that BHO was not a practicing Mohammedan; however there is a salient fact the Leftist CNN fails to bring to light. Public Schools in Indonesia (or at least when BHO attended) require a period of religious instruction according to the faith one is registered (e.g. Islam, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and so on).

Guess what Barack Hussein Obama was registered as? Yes that would be Muslim.

So it is established that BHO has had Mohammedan religious instruction but with the caveat that BHO was not a practicing Mohammedan despite his Mom being married to two Mohammedan men. And I say big deal! I’m a right winger but we live in America. I can give BHO credit for publicly repudiating Mohammedanism and proclaiming he is a Christian.

Let us examine the Christian faith of BHO via association (as opposed to first hand knowledge).

First here is
the Trinity United Church of Christ “about us” from their website:

We are a congregation which is Unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian... Our roots in the Black religious experience and tradition are deep, lasting and permanent. We are an African people, and remain "true to our native land," the mother continent, the cradle of civilization. God has superintended our pilgrimage through the days of slavery, the days of segregation, and the long night of racism. It is God who gives us the strength and courage to continuously address injustice as a people, and as a congregation. We constantly affirm our trust in God through cultural expression of a Black worship service and ministries which address the Black Community.

The ellipsis prior to the “Unashamedly Black” portion is a basic theological expression of faith that affirms the Christian God and Jesus died to redeem sinners back to God. The theological stuff is vague enough to not expressly say that Jesus is the Son of God. The “about us” page is also vague on the validation of Biblical Christianity. The vagueness does not deny Jesus is the Word and the Word is a moral foundation for a Christian either. There is no theological pinning down of traditional Biblical theological beliefs.

The paragraph I did provide has the oxymoron of being proud of being Black, condemning racism and promoting the African heritage as opposed to a Christian or even American heritage. It is an oxymoron because the tone is that of Black Supremacism as opposed to God not seeing differences between rich or poor, Barbarian or Jew, Slave of Free, etc as receivers by faith of God’s Grace equally.

Now last I heard BHO has disavowed the Pastor who has been his mentor for what? – A quarter century or so. So let us look at the denomination the United Church of Christ (UCC). First of all there is the UCC stand with TUCC:

First here are some quotes from the UCC about Trinity United Church of Christ.

The Rev. Steve Gray, the UCC's Indiana-Kentucky Conference Minister, describes Trinity UCC as a "jewel."

"It's everything a Christian community is supposed to be," says Gray, who has been working with Trinity UCC for the past three years to develop a new UCC congregation in Gary, Ind. "Trinity has given well over $100,000 in support of its partnership with us, and in 15 months of regular meetings with Jeremiah Wright, we always found him to be a man of gracious hospitality, humor, generosity, who paid attention to detail but also a man who does not call attention to himself."

"When you're Euro-American [*Blog Editor: PC for White], the people [at Trinity UCC] are so exceedingly gracious, warm and welcoming. They hug you and say, 'Welcome to our church!'"

Noting the church's work in health care, early childhood education and economic development, Whiten says, "The scope of their concern and outreach is extraordinary. It's really just an outstanding congregation."

Whiten, a member of Pilgrim UCC in Oak Park, Ill., is especially taken with Trinity UCC's commitment to the need and importance of quality theological education. More than 60 members of Trinity UCC are currently enrolled in seminary and pursuing masters-level degrees. Moreover, the congregation pays for students' tuition costs.

"They firmly believe in the UCC's commitment to an educated, seminary-trained clergy," Whiten said, "and they have probably had more people feeling the call to ministry than any other church in the denomination."

According to UCC the TUCC is big on social good works and theological education. Now that sounds awesome and I especially have no beef with taking care of the youth and the needy. I am guessing most of those needy and youth are predominantly African-American with little consideration for Caucasians who might be the descendants of White slavers.

Let us look at what the UCC considers sound theological education:

The Bible both unites and divides us as a church. Our spiritual ancestors have never agreed, even in the first generations of the Christian community, about the right way to read and apply Scripture. Today, views in the UCC (like all other mainline denominations) range from conservative to liberal. Scripture often quoted by all sides in the ethical conflicts that divide us as well as many other churches. The Bible is God's gift to the church, to be read for our instruction and comfort, but we often use it as a hammer to strike down the arguments of our opponents, or even to exclude each other from the Body of Christ.

Right interpretation of Scripture necessarily includes right living, that is, we cannot hear God's word in the Bible if our minds and hearts are closed to each other. These were some of the issues that were explored at Dunkirk.
UCC Authority of Scripture)

It appears to be saying if Scripture divides rather than unites that Scripture is ignored in the name of diversity.

The UCC Website addresses Same-Sex marriage in a very weak manner:

On May 6, 1998, the Massachusetts chapter of Confessing Christ sponsored a colloquy at the Acton (Mass.) Congregational Church on same-sex unions and the Christian faith. The event centered on papers presented by Andy Lang for and by Max Stackhouse against the proposition that the Christian church should support monogamous, vowed relationships between same-sex couples. We present both papers here, plus a list of links to other resources on the subject.

This paragraph is the entirety on the UCC website about homosexual marriage. This information is garbage because obviously the UCC not only allows homosexuals in their congregations but have homosexual clergy as well. THAT is a definite deviancy from Biblical Authority.

So when candidate Barack Hussein Obama tells America he is a Christian, what does that mean?

By association is telling Americans he is a “progressive” Christian. “Progressive” is an obfuscation for Left Wing cherry picking faith according to what is relative to secular humanism rather than the Christian basics.

So when you go to the voting booth in November remember that (by association) BHO does not believe in the inerrant Word of God except those portions he agrees with. Thus Obama supports murdering babies before birth, homosexuals and same-sex marriages and probably the emphasis of “critical thinking” that leads to the denial that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. I would speculate progressive critical thinking too often denies that Christ is God (one person of the ONE Triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

In November think about that when you BHO represents “change.” Is that the kind of change you want?


Anonymous said...

I think Jesus took The Sermon on the Mount seriously, and so does Obama. He believes in salvation through Christ, in the trinity, and in the resurrection. That sounds pretty Christian to me. He may not have all the fine points of theology worked out, but he certainly qualifies as Christian.

Perhaps Christians who tend to view Obama as strange and alien, might take heart in the following article from the Washington Post, "Barack Thy Name Is Biblical." The author argues, using biblical, linguisitic, historical, and archeological scholarship, that not only does "Barack" mean Baruch" ("blessed" in Hebrew), Obama shares that name with a host of inspirational biblical figures. It's a beginning step to reinterpreting Obama.

Theway2k said...

Let's add some clarity to anonymous' assertion that BHO believes in the basics of Christianity: "He believes in salvation through Christ, in the trinity, and in the resurrection."

At worst BHO went to Church to gain valuable political associations for the launch of his local political career in Chicago; ergo an indication that BHO is not religious.

At best BHO is what is known as a "Progressive Christian." Progressive Leftist Christians assert they believe in the basics of Christianity; however the so-called Progressives choose to reinterpret Scripture to force a square peg into a round hole. The Resurrection is not a bodliy resurrection of the Savior but a symbolic spiritual event representative of a allegory that humanity can reach to greater heights or depths in the knowledge of what is defined as the Leftist good. Homosexuality becomes acceptable because there is no original sin; ergo that which secular humanism views as natural or biological is normalized declaring the Scripture that definitely comdemns the practice of Homosexuality as a heinous sin as either misinterpreted or obsolete medieval thinking (thus progressive).

This thinking does not Barack Hussein Obama a Christian.

And let's talk about the link you provided which is in actuality a David Scheim analysis of the name of Barack.

Scheim claims "Barack" is a Christian name with roots to the Hebrew "Baruch." Both names roughly means blessed. Scheim admits "Barack" is Arabic but since its origins are from Hebrew Scheim goes on and on about the different linguistic equivilents of "Barack" and "Baruch" and "Benedict" and et al.

That is all Progressive Christian hogwash!

The fact of the matter is Barack Hussein Obama's Muslim father named him the Arabic "Barack." It is irrelevant how many linguistic transliteration equivalent names are out there.

Then let's look at David Scheim himself. His article is in the "On Faith" section of a Newsweek/Washington Post webpage.

Hello "On Faith" is the poster child of "Progressive Christianity" which does not adhere to the Christian Biblical theology. Indeed Progressive Christians relish in calling all Christians that are not Progress as fundamentalist implying that Bible Believing Christians are archaic believers in old myths.


Judith said...

Not sure you can call yourselves a "Christian" blog with the kind of accusing, inflammatory rhetoric you use. Sort of like what the Jews and Romans did that got Jesus crucified. I just wish you would read your bibles and live the Sermon on the Mount and the way Jesus taught -- the way JESUS taught -- not the way modern right leaning Christians seem to cherry-pick the Bible so that it fits with a strictly political agenda.

Theway2k said...

Actually Judith Leftists definitely do not read their Bible AND it is so-called "Progressive" Christian denominations (like UCC) that cherry pick the Bible. Progressive Christians support ungodly homosexuality, crucifying Israel for protecting itself, supports radical Islamic Palestinians as if that group of Arabs ever had a heritage to the Promised Land and supporting racists such as Rev. Wright or Louis Farrakhan.

Judith I am guessing you are well-meaning with Jesus commands to Love your neighbor, pray for your enemy, turn the other cheek and other awesome principles of the Bible. You must remember for every person Jesus delivered from evil or sin, it was followed by "go and sin no more." Jesus does not wish Christians to be a door mat for evil disregard of the Holy Word of God.