Thursday, August 21, 2008

India/America Nuclear Deal Still Appears on Track

India and America had signed a deal to share nuclear technology. I viewed this as a fantastic possibility for India and America to begin to connect as military partners.

With China beginning to pour the dividends of its exploding economy into a growing technologically better military, developing close contact with India is an imperative to American National Interests of the future.

Also India has been traditionally big on anti-Islamic terrorism. That places India as a natural for military cooperation in the present.

The “NOW” problem is that India also has been traditionally stand-offish with America. One reason has been India’s close cooperation with the former communist Soviet Union and America’s tendency to support India’s greatest mortal enemy in Pakistan.

The international problem is that India (as also Pakistan) independently developed a nuclear weapon program against the will of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). Add to that India is not a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

To further complicate this nuclear sharing pact between America and India is that Iran is a non-approved nuclear nation which everyone knows (even with Iranian denial) is developing WMD for belligerent acts in the Middle Eastern region, America and Israel.

Iran is whining how can India receive international validation and Iran receives international condemnation.

Here is the reason idiotic Iran: India is the largest nation in the world with stable democratic institutions and infrastructure while Iran is the largest exporter of Islamofascist terrorist activity coupled with blatant continuous threatening against Israel and America.

With all these mitigations working against the final approval of an India/America nuclear sharing deal it
still seems to be remarkably moving forward.

To date the IAEA,
Indian Parliament and American Congress, appear to be tentatively on the approval track.

There are still obstacles all the way around. It is a gamble but I hope those obstacles are overcome.

JRH 8/21/08

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