Friday, August 29, 2008

Which Skeletons raise the Hair on your Neck...

Which Skeletons raise the Hair on your Neck: Barack Obama or John McCain?

Barack Hussein Obama is being less than specific about his connections to Islam in his past. BHO is a proud Leftist but rail if you called him a Communist; however he had a close association with an anti-war Marxist anarchist in Bill Ayers. BHO’s political career is tainted with associations of corruption with Tony Rezko. And now it is evident BHO has either welcomed or allowed Islamists and those connected with Islamist terrorism to work for him and/or donate money to his campaign.

Of course BHO is in a position of plausible deniability; nonetheless with all the Islamic and Leftist radicalism in his closet you would think BHO would be on his toes as to who he hired and alert about donations from Islamic individuals with links to Islamism and terrorism. After all monies were not returned until FBI public record defined potential terrorist links and Campaign staffers did not resign until terrorist and Islamist connections became public knowledge.

John McCain probably has skeletons in his closet. The question is it to this level of deception, stupidity and/or corrupt culpability as BHO?

    Huffington Post on McCain Naval Career (McCain’s lack of advancement is an issue? NOT!)

    Leftists search under every rock to find a donor scandal and uncover McCain fund raiser Gov. Charlie Crist took money from foreign nationals residing in California and acted as a go-between to McCain Campaign (Hmm … The foreign nationals were Arabs that were actually aiding American efforts on the GWOT, not Islamists undermining the GWOT).

    McCain/Feingold Legislation: You probably won’t hear too much criticism from the Left but Conservatives hate the reins McCain/Feingold places on Free Speech.

    Cindy McCain was addicted to drugs for three years (Yet now is a model citizen in operating the family beer distributing business and charities war torn nations or underdeveloped nations. How does that square Michelle Obama’s only now being a proud American? Let us not forget that BHO was a drug addict in his youth.).

If you Google “John McCain's Skeletons.” The typical list begins with the Leftist perception of those skeletons. Knock yourself out. It is only in Leftist twisting of data that something innocuous is found; however Obama’s skeletons are difficult to ferret out. When the Obama skeleton begins to surface, a denial, a lie, a strong arming of the media or a refusal of scrutiny seems to leave a stench of deception in the air.

All of BHO’s deceptions should send a huge message to GOP and Dem voters alike about at least the character of BHO.

JRH 8/29/08

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